Bleecker fan?.... might want to check outlets

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  1. I've had some good luck lately at the outlets so i've been checking mine regularly. I know not everyone likes bleecker, but that might be a big benefit for those of us who do! :jammin:

    Yesterday they had A LOT of Bleecker including Large leather duffles (black, brown), leather duffles (ink, wine, bottle green), large leather flap (ink), small flaps (looked like ALL leather and ALL signature), PLUS large and small wallets (both leather and signature) and mini skinnys. All at good prices. They also said more is coming soon.

    I added a Ink Large Leather flap (which I REALLY like more than I thought I would, BTW!), Ink mini skinny, wine leather bleecker checkbook wallet and a black/pink leather bleecker compact clutch wallet to my own collection! :graucho:

    Good luck!
  2. OO this is bad! I need to make a trip out there. I haven't got my holiday bonus yet but I think I may go there when I get it.
  3. I saw these all at my outlet too this Sunday. It's the outlet in Marysville, Wa.
  4. I just got a Bleecker Large Flap! Now I want everything to match!
    I hope my outlet has lots of good stuff.
  5. What were the prices for the duffles and flaps at the outlet?

  6. Yes and if you don't have an outlet close by, check eBay! You can get some great deals on Bleecker right now.
  7. San Marcos Outlet in TX had a very large Bleecker selection as well - and it was all in the clearance!
  8. Here's the bleecker prices that I know (Factory price + 20% off, Castle Rock, CO outlet):

    Medium leather duffle: $191.99
    Large leather flap: $239.99
    Leather checkbook wallet: $143.99
    Leather clutch wallet: $119.99
    Leather mini skinny: $23.99
  9. ^^
    are those prices before or after the additional 20%?
    great finds, btw!!
  10. ^^^

    I think it is after the 20%, since that is what I paid after discount on my large flap this weekend. :yes:

    I really need to investigate to see if there are any outlets in a decent driving distance from me.

    I've never seen the INK to share photos?
  12. Thanks, greenpixie!:smile:
  13. ARGH!!!!!! ARGH!!!!! Dang dang dang San Marcos being so far from me!
  14. Sure didn't mean to :tup:

    Cadillactaste, I don't have a picture, but I had not seen the ink in person either until Saturday when I bought my green Bleecker, and it is beautiful! Green is my favorite color and I already have a lovely blue bag, but the ink Bleecker actually had me tempted for a (crazy) moment lol. I know a TPFer has an ink duffle you can seen pics of, though. Kind of a deep navy-ish blue but with an almost grey undertone... I can't describe it, but it is very pretty.

    BTW wander, congrats on your haul! That ink flap is one beautiful bag. :drool:
  15. Yep. I saw the ink as well as the green and wine at though boutiques a couple of months ago. They are all beautiful deep colors :yes: