Bleecker Duffles - everyone in love with them???

  1. I need the green one. Are there any issues with them? Does anyone have one and not like it? I think I'm getting the smaller one - will the strap work cross body? One more thing - is there a PCE going on somewhere to get the discount on????
  2. I have the bottle green, medium-sized duffle and I love it. It has soft, lovely leather and it's comfortable to carry.
  3. I have a PCE that is good until tomorrow
  4. I got one for Christmas in British Tan...I am not "feeling" it. I keep trying it on, and I am just not crazy about it. I even went to the COACH boutique last night to exchange it for something else, but I ended up keeping it for now...trying to decide...not sure? I just find it to be so "plain". My DH husband loves it (he is the one confusing my claiming it looks like "classic COACH".:shrugs:
  5. I love my Bottle Green Bleeker Duffle. I am getting a new Canary one later today.
    I will post pictures of it tonight. I do love mine and find it very comfortable. I really
    think this bag is just classic Coach and it fits my lifestyle perfectly as I have a pretty
    casual laid back life. I recommend this bag and the Large Bleeker Flap highly.
  6. I recently exchanged a Coach that was more pretty than practical and picked up the last rust bleeker duffle (regular size) and I love it so much more now that I got it home. It's very comfortable and the color is gorgeous and it is a more subdued look--it fits my busy life with small kids--and I'm surprised how much I love it because I really didn't care for any of the other bleeker styles.

    I think it's important to try a bag on and see it in person. Sometimes a bag that I'd ignore in a catalog turns out to be a great choice.

    Now, if it had the legacy lining, I probably would have purchased more of them!
  7. thanks, I saw it at the boutique today, but didn't try it on. I may go back.
  8. My hubby got me the large khaki and black for Christmas. I thought I didnt like the bleecker collection but let me tell you I LOVE IT!!!
  9. I'm not too fond of the signature ones because they're so stiff but the leather ones are gorgeous and the leather is so soft.... i'm really wanting one in the pond!!!
  10. I have the medium black signature duffle and I love it. It is very comfortable and lightweight.
  11. I have a medium ink blue leather bleecker duffle and have been so-so about it since I got my new Ali's. The Ali just seems to be such a great bag that the others don't compare for me! Still, I love that my bleecker can be worn crossbody and the leather is amazingly soft. Plus, it's light compared to the ali. My co-worker just got the signature khaki/black duffle and it's gorgeous. The tattersall lining is only available with the leather though.

    When going on a short vacation next week, I plan to use my bleecker and will let everyone know how it goes! :wlae:
  12. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that Macy's had many of the bleecker duffles on sale Wednesday. I think they were 25% off. :tup:
  13. I have a large magenta and love it! I can't comment on the medium though. I've considered a medium for when I don't need such a large size but will be waiting for now!
  14. I'm w/ you on this one, Candace!!! I HAD the chocolate SIGNATURE medium duffle when it first came out, kept it for 2 weeks walking around my house w/ it and I was just not "feeling it"....but I think in LEATHER....especially BRITISH TAN leather, this is a HOT bag!!!!! and I LOVE the bleecker wallet collection!!! :tup::yes:
  15. Laura, I am so glad you love your Bleeker Duffle. I know that this bag is not for everybody but the hands free aspect of this bag works for my busy lifestyle. The
    comfort and ease of this bag goes without saying and I feel so Metro Cool when I am
    carrying this bag. It is so urban chic and a true Coach Classic. I could have several colors in this bag and just not tire of it at all. I cannot say enough about how much I love this bag. I am posting pictures of my yellow one now.