bleecker duffle - rust vs. british tan

  1. does anyone have modeling pics of these (medium size preferred)? i can't decide between the two colors. opinions? which is a more all purpose brown bag?
  2. I LOVE the bleecker British Tan leather!!!! Since the bleecker flap bag was uncomfortable on me, and I had to have ONE piece of British Tan bleecker, I purchased the bleecker compact clutch wallet!!!!!! Now I own some British Tan!!!!!
  3. I don't own either or have pics, but I prefer the british tan. It's more neutral of the 2 IMO :yes:
  4. I think that the RUST is too orangy. I definately prefer the british is a lot more classic looking. I have the BRITISH TAN. It is beautiful.
  5. I agree. The colors are very close but the rust has an orangier color. I also have a british tan bag and really prefer that color. It is a wonderful warm brown color.
  6. I've seen both in the store and definately prefer the British Tan. The Rust has a lot of orange in it. You really have to like orange to like the Rust.