Bleecker Duffle Poll

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Here's what I think of the Bleecker Duffle

  1. I'd never bother with such a plain bag

  2. I bought one but returned/sold it (or am thinking about getting rid of it)

  3. I have one and am thinking about getting another

  4. I have one and want to get another

  5. I have more than one color in the same size

  6. I have a Bleecker Duffle in more than one size

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I LOVE the Bleecker Duffles. But it seems like Maybe Coach isn't interested in fully presenting the line. They don't have the wristlets in every color they don't have each bag in every color.

    I'm wondering if they are not that popular.....frankly....I have NEVER seen anyone else carry one!!!!

    Would love to hear how you all feel.....

    OOPS! 3 and 4 are essentially the same answer. (Sorry.)
  2. I have the large in magenta and ink. I got the ink around Christmas when Coach did their price reduction plus got PCE on it. I really love a duffle style bag.:yes:
  3. I voted for number 1 but to be honest, it isn't because the bag is plain that I don't care for it. I just don't like the duffle style much, it's too round for me or something. I can't really put my finger on it.
  4. You did not make an option for this, but, I have one, and I think one is it for me. I like it...but not LOVE it...but for some strange reason my DH LOVES it.
  5. I still regret not getting one when Coach did the price reduction so I'm hoping to find one at an outlet sometime. I always loved the look of them. The braided strap and the crossbody style had a bohemian feel to them, which I :heart:
  6. Hi all,

    I have a black leather one and have been using it a lot lately. I've always gotten compliments on it. I love it. At one time, I wanted to get another one; but decided it was best to just keep one. It may last a long time.

    Lainy :smile:
  7. I like everything about this bag - the leather, the shape, the strap, the colors - EXCEPT the bottom being oval. It bugs me to no end for some reason... not sure why.
  8. Bleecker Duffles = :heart:
  9. I just got the large in Magenta, and I want MORE! :yahoo:
    I absolutely love love love the leather and the style.
    I want one in black & bottle green.
  10. LOVE mine and LOVE that I never see anyone else with one.
  11. I have the medium in British Tan. I voted I have one and am thinking of getting another, but I am not thinking of getting another. I dont really feel the need to have a bag in different colors. I love the bag though!

  12. I totally agree-it's the bottom of the bag that turns me off.

  13. AMEN, BagsAreMyBabies!!!

    I now have 5 large duffles, the patchwork leather duffle, and one smaller obviously I love them!! :P As with all bags, though, there are definite points that I do not like about them. IMO no bag is completely perfect.
  14. My answer isn't in the poll...I don't currently own a Bleeker duffle, but I have worshipped it from afar! I have been seeing the 2007 Holiday Patchwork Bleeker duffle on eBay, and I am considering getting one.
  15. I didn't vote because none of the answers are the reason I don't have one. I agree with sweetmelissa that the bleecker duffle is just too round for me and it's sort of like a funnel shape and hard to organize things I guess. I did consider the large wine bleecker duffle for a short time then decided against it. I like the tattersall lining and the way the strap looks.