Bleecker Duffle is no longer available in Canary!

  1. I just checked to stare at the Bleecker large duffle - as I'm still trying to figure out what color I want to get (lol) - and they no longer have the Canary posted. Bummer....:wtf:
  2. That's strange...I was just in my boutique yesterday drooling over the Large duffle in Canary!!
  3. Sometimes pulled off the pictures of the older bags in order to put more new pictures of the new bags. You might want to check the boutique or call JAX, they're probably still there.:tup:
  4. I'm not sure I wanted to buy the canary - leaning more towards "pool" for the summer - but I just hated to see it go!!
  5. The pool is a gorgeous color. I see that more of an everyday bag rather than the canary.
  6. Thanks! I like it best out of the colors offered - but am having a hard time deciding - and keep wondering if I wait they might introduce even MORE colors! Have also been considered the black signature duffle.... Decisions, decisions! :drool:
  7. I would definitely get the pool! Pool is soo beautiful IRL!
  8. Oooh go with the pool - is is really gorgeous IRL! :love:
  9. Oooh, you gals are tempting me to just order the Pool online - since it isn't available in my local store - and then, if I don't like it for some ridiculous reason, I can always return it.... :woohoo:
  10. I have the Canary and I love it! I love the pool too and if you
    really like the color I say go for it. I would not wait too long though
    as these bags are selling well. I already have the Bleeker Duffle in
    bottle Green, Magenta and Canary (I think that is enough Bleeker for me).
    I need to wait for the Pleated Ergos which will be out in June sometime.
  11. I've been admiring your Canary bag! I think the Pool will be better for me, though. I saw an "Ink" Bleecker Duffle at the outlet the other day - but it just seemed very blue.

    Have you ever seen the signature in Black? Of course I'm considering it because it is less $ and I'm wondering if it is more practical (i.e., less likely to get dirty and also more year-round).
  12. Honestly out of pool or black signature I would go with the signature. I like leather but I love signature. It would go better with all outfits and not show dirt. I think it is a more practical choice.
  13. The signature is beautiful in this bag and if you love signature, just go for it. I myself prefer the all leather bags. I love the pool color much more than the ink color myself.
    I would wear the pool color all year round as I would the canary and the magenta. I love color. If you can get the signature with the pool leather trim that would be so awesome. By the way Coach does have a few Canary Bleekers in stock if you call them.
    They just removed it from the website as they are pretty low on stock right now.
    Honestly just get the bag in any color you like. I love this bag so much and that is why I own it in three colors already. It is one of my all time favorite bags. I am carrying the Magenta one today and it is so hot!

  14. Thanks for all the GREAT advice, Ladies!! Oooh, if the signature comes with Pool leather trim, that would be GORGEOUS!!! I do like signature - and it is more practical....
  15. I honestly would go with the pool. The black signature will probably still be available in the fall or winter, whereas the pool might not be back again :yes: