Bleecker Duffle Action shots?

  1. Ladies...need your help...I'm looking for modeling and/or action shots of you and your large or medium Bleecker duffles. Worn cross-body too!

    With the new price change I might consider the large one now.
  2. FYI, the Large Bleecker Duffle has a shorter shoulder strap, so try it on in-store to make sure you can wear it crossbody. She's Gorgeous!
  3. I'd love some action shots too...I'm deciding if I really do need one or not!
  4. Here are some shots of my Bottle Green Bleeker duffle and the rust one which I originally had. I am contemplating the Magenta one as it is such a stunning color.
    IMG0003_14.jpg IMG0001_15.jpg IMG0002_9.jpg IMG0001_40.jpg
  5. Here is Blackbutterfly's ink large duffle which she got in early fall.
    As you can see it looks beautiful on her.

  6. Liz you rock! Thanks so much!

    I am literally dreaming of the grass green Bleecker now!
  7. Kristan, I don't think that you can go wrong with any color in the Bleeker but I must admit that I love the Green.
  8. how much can the strap be shortened on the large bleecker? It's looked like it had a shorter drop than the ones featured here, on some other people...
  9. Here are a couple pics of my ink blue Bleecker Duffle. I love this bag, but sadly haven't used her since I picked up my Ali's at the outlet. She'll be back in use right after the holidays though!
    IMG_1311A.JPG IMG_1310A.JPG
  10. ^^Looks great on you!! Thanks for the pics!
  11. Here's mine, Kristan:

    Large magenta

  12. I have to be honest when I say I really didn't like this style at all when I saw it on the website, but from seeing it on everyone it is really starting to grow on me!!

    I think it is just beautiful and I w*a*n*t* one! :smile:
  13. I'm debating the large duffle in grass or buckskin right now. I'm waiting for them to hit the stores so I can try them both out. I almost can't wait any longer.
  14. thanks liz for posting a pic for me :tup:

    here are a couple more from my other thread comparing the old vs. new duffles:


  15. They look so nice on everyone. I like them because Coach is bringing back a classic style of theirs but made more elegant with the nicer leather and all of updated hardware and beautiful lining. I looooooooove the longer strap drop. I would love one in magenta or grass. I think the grass would look tdf with the Heart luggage tag charm.