Bleecker do we really luv it and thoughts on stripe pouches

  1. so i am settleing in from teh holiday withdrawal... x mas and new years went well i hope everyone else had a nice time also ....i was looking at the coach website and checking out some items b/c i plan on using some of my x mas money towards some purchases and i honetsly have to say that i am not sure if i really overal am feeling bleecker. when it firts came out i admit i was under the wow factor but honestly i perfer thr legacy line much better... sure legacy leather is a tad heavy but design wise just seems so much more functional and aesthically pleasing... out of teh whoel bleecker lien i must admit the small zip hobo flap and tattersal were only things really that caught my attention especially tattersal..... and i wanted to know what others think of these poches and swingpacks with stripes going down the middle with signature logo



    i would like other forum memebers thoughts on bleecker overal and these ne wpouches and swingpacks
  2. I've never liked Bleecker. Wish I did, but I really don't.
  3. ^Same here. I tried to love it but it just never worked for me.
  4. Bleecker never caught my eye either.
  5. Love the large flap, own one. Want one in solid leather. But that's about it, the rest of the line (duffle etc.) just doesn't flip me.
  6. i am so happy i thought i was teh only one who wa snot really luving bleecker i most defintley hate these stripes on swings packs and pouches... i have qauetion about your large flap doe sit get heavy when u put your items in there like i noitced they buckle on strap of flap is very heavy and i wondered if that dug into your arm once u put your items in your bag
  7. I picked up the bleeker large duffle. When they first came out i was so in love:heart:, then not in love:tdown:, then when they went on sale.. i was in love again:tup:.. IMO i dont think they are worth $400+ dollars but i scooped one up for $250 including tax and am very happy with my purchase. I love the way they look cross body.. i love big bags but thats just me. :yes:
  8. Bleecker never got me either!! I thought I was the only one...

    I like the pouch, but I never got into swingpacks either...I don't really like the whole crossbody strap thing..
  9. I gotta be honest, I am not totally in love with the Bleecker collection. But I do like the Bleecker Shopper, but not the leather one. I dont know sometimes Coach will come out with a collection that I am not totally in love with.
  10. I like the flaps and the tattersal, but I think I am too short for the duffel.
  11. Ehh the Bleeker is okay...That pouch you posted is gorgeous. I don't like swingpacks but I love the zebra stripe and the green of the one you posted. Hope you find something nice to spend your xmas money on. You could also wait for the next PCE and when the heritage stripe collection hits stores. They have a nice green stripe bag in the line. If you want I will post a pic of it. Good luck!
  12. I have a chocolate signature duffle...I like it, I wanted a chocolate signature bag that was kind of a different shape than a I got that, and if I need to I can wear it crossbody for things. I dunno I love using bags for work but I usually end up with wristlets when I'm just out and about which case I love my bleecker capacity wristlet for casual use, they are so functional and cute...but there are definitely other things that Coach does best, like ergo and legacy! and carly too.
  13. i have never liked the bleeker line........but i know others do,,,,,
    nor do i like the stripes down the center of the others.
  14. Oh and I like the heritage stripe stuff on people but I'd never buy it for myself. There are some forum members who recently got the pink version in various sizes of the tote and they look adorable.
  15. I have 3 Bleecker Duffles and 1 Flap. I love them!! But then again, I love all of my bags.:tup: