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  1. I have seen the reveals and actually tried on a SA Bleecker daily with her stuff inside-I think I falling for this bag!! She had the beautiful sea mist. Now my question-do I exchange my NWT navy Madison tote for a Bleecker and if so what color? I love something I can wear year round. The thing is I never gave this bag a second look!!
  2. You didn't give it a second look and I totally missed it. What a cute purse!

    I don't see the sea mist on the website but I have seen a sea mist Preston at the store and that color is just gorgeous in person. Some people won't wear that color year round so, if you are one of them, (I can't believe I am going to say this because I am so not a brown person) but I really like the silt and the tan. That bag looks really good in it if you go with the Daily.

    I think of a tote as more of spring/summer bag since it's open and, depending on where you live, doesn't work in the rain or winter weather. If you are looking for year round usage, I'd say go with the Daily in Sea Mist. That is a stunning bag and you always need a bright color to pick you up when it gets colder out so I would personally use it no matter what month.

    I think they are both pretty bags and I'd love to see what you end up with. Good Luck!
  3. I think her sea mist was a pre was beautiful, but I like the silt as well.....oh my!! Maybe since I just started a new job, I can keep my tote and get a daily.....but I really can't spend extra just yet....
  4. My sea mist Bleecker Daily was ordered from JAX, the color is not in stores yet but should be this month. These are totally different bags, really hard to compare them. Both are great choices but I have become a HUGE fan of the Daily. Darn near perfect bag!
  5. I just ordered the Bleecker Daily in cornflower sight unseen from Lord and Taylor based on the purse blog photo shoot. I've been dreaming of a bag like this, and at this price point, with a F&F sale, I'm a goner. I bet the sea mist is gorgeous...
  6. I agree on being a Huge fan of the daily!! I LOVE my Silt and I want Sea Mist too. It is really close to the perfect bag..

    Good luck OP, with this bag, you can't go wrong and the colors are beautiful...
  7. Totally agree - I think I may get tan next.
  8. I am still thinking of the Daily!! I see everyone's beautiful reveals and I love each one!! I think I have my mind made up and then take another look at my e/w tote in navy.....ugh!! Which is your favorite style and what color in that style?? I have been a little preoccupied with my brand new grandson arriving 5 weeks early, but he is so precious!!!!
  9. I have both bags and I think I will most definitely be getting more use out off the daily. I have it in cornflower and love the color. Goes so well with jeans. The silt is a very pretty shade as well. I will most definitely be getting another one soon.
  10. My silt Daily is due to arrive Monday. I am not normally a neutral colors girl, I go for color most times, but this color called to me. I loved this bag in person, I cannot wait to get it!
  11. I received my Sea Mist Daily bag today. It's luscious. The perfect size.

    It feels somewhat slight, because it is. But what a liberating feeling, carrying a lightweight bag instead of a bag and a tote, with even more of my stuff that I rarely if ever use while I'm out.

    I absolute love the Sea Mist color, and the leather is smooth, and pliable. I've doubled the straps, and it's got a nice slouch.

    I'd recommend this bag for anyone. Lots of colors in a very soft leather, it's a great price point too.
  12. Any photos yet of the new sea mist? Love to see!
  13. Hi,

    It's gorgeous; sorry I don't have pictures of it yet.

    If you've seen Sea Mist in person, say on any of the Preston bags, it's as gorgeous as they are but I prefer the soft leather of the Daily bag over the Preston's Bleecker pebbled leather so I REALLY love the color.

    I'm going to carry her today :smile: It's raining, though, so I will probably put her into my Madison saffiano N/S tote. She fits inside. Still, the Daily is a generous-sized bag and holds more than one would think, based on looking at it flat, on display in the store. Don't want to overload her b/c I'd like to try to fold the flap down and clutch it under my arm, too.

    I must learn to carry less stuff. I don't know why I'm compelled to carry as much as I do every day. I drive myself crazy.
  14. The weekend is now upon us and after a very busy 2 1/2 weeks of training for my job, I can now focus on my coach dilemma. I just can't seem to make up my mind of which one I would enjoy more?? My favorite style right now is the small Phoebe. It has been quite a while since I have had something as structured as the tote.....she just looks classy in the navy and light gold......then my SA let me try on her daily with her insides in the bag and it took on a whole new life!! I know that there are a lot of daily fans out there, but can you all tell me if it looks too youthful for someone who is 50?? My SA was a young lady in her 20' needed to decide which looks more like me!!
  15. I don't buy bags with age in mind!! I buy them because they work for my lifestyle. I'm in my 40's and LOVE my Daily.....:cool:
    I say buy what YOU love and works for YOU.....