Bleecker Clutch

  1. My sister bought me the black/khaki sig from her Camarillo, CA outlet last week but I don't know if there are any left now. You can have your local Outlet check with other Outlets. Good luck!
  2. Thanks!!

    I called Camarillo and they don't have it. I called Vacaville and they have it on hold for me. I have to go to Camarillo to get them to charge send it! I am going to Camarillo on Monday with a friend so it's a waiting game now.

    I might sneak up there Friday after work. We get off early that day so I could totally do it.
  3. Yep, my mom and I both just got one. $111
  4. Yeah that's how much they said it was! I am sneaking out of work early to drive up there now to get it! :yahoo:

    Wish me luck!
  5. Is there a bill compartment? Is it a tight fit? I really like this wallet, but I hate it when the bills have to be perfectly lined up in order to fit.
  6. I just got it and you can't line the bills up they would have to be folded in half which is how I keep my money anyways. Its a lot bigger than I thought which I like.

    I'm glad I went up to Camarillo because they actually had what I wanted even though they said they didn't.
  7. Yea!!! Congrats! I had bought one in black/khaki but I returned it. Now for $111 I am thinking to get one that I can wear with most my bags.
  8. Thanks!!! I was so excited when I saw it. I was able to get that instant gratification of taking it home today! They had the all leather ones. There were also some smaller ones. Everything in the store was pretty much 20-30% off on top of a already low price.