Bleecker Canvas Tote Care Question

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  1. I mentioned in a previous thread that I just adore the tattersall fabric. Well, yesterday a sweet SA from my local outlet called to tell me they had a tattersall umbrella. I rushed to the store after work to pick it up.

    When I was there I saw a tan Bleecker Canvas Tote with the tattersall fabric and cute tattersall scarf. I wanted to get this during the last PCE event but decided to wait. Now I'm really glad I did. It was marked down to $269 with an additional 20%. It wasn't an amazing deal but better than the PCE. I could resist so I bought it.

    It didn't come with care instructions and I am a little concerned about it getting dirty. Does anyone know if it will hurt the bag to be scotch guarded?
  2. From what I had heard it is already treated similar to the signature jaquard to resist dirt and stains somewhat, but I don't think it would hurt to Scotchguard it just in case.
  3. Okay, I haven't used mine yet but a question.

    What do you MEAN it was marked down to $269+20% off? This was a boutique?

    Also, is your Tatt umbrella flimsy? I have mine but I noticed it doesn't feel real "sturdy" like my other Coach umbrellas! I actually had two, so I know it isn't just the one I have. Just wondering if it was just my thinking.
  4. I think she said the SA at her outlet called and that is where she got the canvas tote. :yes:
  5. Yes. GreenPixie is right. I got the tote at the outlet. I was surprised it was there so quickly.

    As for the umbrella, it does feel a bit flimsy. I may return this one. I'm not sure yet.
  6. LOL I read RIGHT over the OUTLET!!!
  7. yes, I just have the feeling that the minute I use it that it will fall apart. The stick one wasn't that great either.
  8. Are the Bleeker Canvas totes at the outlets already, or was this one just a fluke? I recently exchanged the one I had for a Carly, and while I love my Carly, I wish I could have the tote also, but I can't afford both right now...
  9. I vote fluke! I personally returned the black one to an outlet, so I am unsure what they did with it!
  10. I vote fluke too. I was really surprised to see it there. That's why I bought it so quickly.
  11. That was a great find - I went back and forth over that tote during the last PCE forever but finally went with the turq. Carly instead. If I came across one at the outlet I'd snap it right up though!