Bleecker Belt

  1. I wish I had some time to post some pictures (clients are crazy this time a year)... but I am in love with the Bleecker Belt. The strap on the bag was so neat that I wondered if it came in a belt...and it does.

    I got the belt last week and wear it whenever possible. Love it! So much so that I ordered the one in saddle (hopefully it looks better than the picture on the website and more like the catalog).

    My husband is so sick of hearing about it that I had to tell all of you!

    Does anyone know if new colors (like British Tan) are in the new floorset for the belt? I would so get this belt in every single color. :drool:
  2. Which Bleeker Belt did you get?

    No. 90054


    Or No. 90052


    I need a new belt and I think I am going to try one of these bleekers.
  3. Okay I freaking LOVE that second belt! :drool:
  4. I got 90052. It goes really well with jeans. It even dresses up my least favorite jeans.
  5. What a gorgeous belt! Love it!