Bleecker 11431

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  1. So I missed the boat on this one and can't find it anywhere except the Bay. I really wanted it in chocolate but they only have black (which I could live with) and some other colors I don't like. One I found has free shipping plus tax and its buy it now or best offer. So far the lowest the seller has gone is 125. Is that a good price?

    I really like this bag, I haven't been into coach's new stuff and I sold all my other bags for one reason or another (which I wish I hadn't but I just wasn't using them because they were heavy or just not functional).

    Anyone have this bag? I haven't searched the forum yet. I've seen it in person and it was adorable.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Congratulations Mama0306! Life can't get any 'Bleecker'--it can only look up now since you've got this gorgeous bag! :sunshine:
    It's a great price as long as you love the bag. I think it's pretty reasonable because you've got it for less than a swingpack and it's a lovely bag. I love the hefty burnished leather on it and have a few Bleecker bags because that gorgeous leather.

    You're going to enjoy it. The nice braided strap will keep you thrilled.
  3. you know .. i wanted that bag when it came out to, but never got it! it's a nice bag, i guess i'll have to add it to my list of things to get :smile:
  4. Can you post a pic? Maybe someone has seen one at the outlets...
  5. I've called my outlets and one told me they aren't making them anymore so they aren't doing a list for them.

    I mean I guess 125 isn't bad at all considering they sold for 278 lol. That's like 60% off.