Blech! Never ending projects! Why can't I finish!!

  1. All you marvelously organized people help me get my rear in gear.

    In late June I set out to redo the 'office/arts and crafts/general catch all' room over. Through out July and most of August I did pretty well. I got all the furniture from Ikea. I even built it myself ;) I got new linens for the day bed. Then I started trying to tackle the monster bookcase, that is suppose to be for all the arts and crafts. It is still not done :yucky:!! I spent a good 4 -5 hours today trying to gather and organize my scattered, copious 'junk'.

    Seriously, I have art/project stuff in almost every room of my house...I even had some art paper in one of the china cabinets (cupboard part).

    It does not help that I am a terrible pack rat and have a hard time letting go of things...I had thrown out a bunch of half sheets/scraps of felt left over from some project that were in the laundry/mud room cupboards....yes, you guessed it...I fished them out, before the bag made it to the rubbish..'those were perfectly fine, I shouldn't waste those, they might come in handy' they are sitting on the floor waiting for me to find a cubby for them.

    Even once I finish the shelves, I need to takle the closet. Double :yucky:.

    I have come to accept my doll room (another room that tends to collect way too many odds and ends) will never be finished/compete/clean, but that is upstairs and I can always just close the door...but the office is right off the guest bathroom, and needs to be finished....

    Help!! Hints, suggestions?
  2. Easy, girl! Yeah, that's my advice.:upsidedown:

    First of all, prioritize. Which is the most important to you? Which needs to get done first?

    Secondly, realistically look at your things. Will you be using them within the next 4 to 6 months (I'm being generous ;))? If not, toss them out. I had to learn to let go. If it's difficult, get your DH or a friend to help you out.

    Lastly, give yourself some kind of time frame to finish each project. This is the hardest for me. Something always pops up that needs to get done and I forget the whole schedule thing.