Bleaching what went wrong??

  1. Hi there
    I had my teeth bleached about 2 weeks ago, I don't know what the process is called, they use a peroxide gel and then flash your teeth with an orange light, each time it lasts 20 min and they do it 3 times.It costed 200 euros about $160 and I also had my teeth professionaly "cleansed" (dunno how it's called) just before for optimal results.
    Before my teeth were colour B2 (I mean it was okay) and I was really happy with the result, my teeth were white but not so bright so that you'd still look me in the eye :roflmfao:
    I was really careful for the next few days not drinking coffee, tee, etc
    2 days after the WHOLE THING WAS GONE, I mean seriously 3 days after the bleaching I flew back home and my mom and my sis whom I hadn't seen in 3 months noticed no difference at all (and they're the kind of people who would notice such things)
    Because of the holidays and all I haven't been able to ask my dental hygienist about it yet, hopefully I'll get a hold of her on Monday:
    I'm so confused and sad cause she told me that after that I shouldn't bleach for 3 years... so I guess all I earned was the right to have average and probably fragilised (but they're not sensitive) teeth for the next 3 years???
    anyone with a similar experience or a possible explanation? Can I still do sthg else to whiten my teeth?
    thanks so much for your help :flowers:
  2. I used to work for a dentist, and doubtless the technology has changed in the last 2 years since then, but the in-office bleaching we did was a good start on whitening, however it did require follow-up at-home bleaching with trays. This was just the system we tried, and since it was less than spectacular, we reverted to just the custom tray system alone with just as good or even better results. Also, it should be noted that some people's teeth simply do not bleach. Everyone is different.

    That said, I have NEVER heard of a whitening job that last 2 days! I would definitely call the dentist who performed it. If you can show by the color chart that it has darkened again, he/she might owe you at least a partial refund.
  3. thanks for the input invisicat! I didn't have any follow up treatment, I even asked if I should use special products etc (which I would have done) and they said I didn't have to do anything, that this should last for three years so long that I brushed my teeth correctly)so yeah let's hope they'll do something about it when I go see them!
  4. last year i bleached my teeth with one of those custom made trays and some gel that the dentist gave me. itworked pretty well, however i was told to use "tooth mousse" so that the treatment would last longer. i think you should visit your dentist and tell him/her that this is not acceptable!
  5. My sister had her teeth bleached and they are super white, too white to me and not white enough for her. Her teeth still look beautiful and very white and I think it has been at least a year since she had them done. I am not sure what she might do at home. I have seen the teeth molds and at home bleaching stuff in her bathroom but I am not sure if they are hers or her husbands. I would go see the person who did the work and let them know you are unhappy.
  6. Good luck on that, though, because a prudent dentist will tell you straight out that not everyone's teeth will bleach, or bleach the same, and so might not feel obligated to give refunds. But I do think the doctor should refund at least part of the money if, as you said, the teeth actually did darken again in a really short time period.
  7. I have trays, when i first started the bleaching i did it 2x a week for 3 weeks. Now I do it about 1 every 3 weeks just to keep it up, and you can notice a difference from when i first started.
  8. I don't believe there are any bleaching processes that work once in the dentist's office with no follow-up needed. I just had bleaching trays made last week and was told by the hygenist that even with the ZOOM whitening, nightly trays are still needed for maintenance.
  9. I used the trays and bleach from the dentist a year ago and it worked really good, now I will do it again to have them super white, my dentist didn't recomend the in office bleaching because she said I would have the same results and be more expensive because you always have to go back, but with trays you just buy the bleach whenever you want to bleach them again. I don't understand what they did to you ?? It is suposed to last for 3 years i've never heard of that. Call them and good luck.