Bleaching Dyed Black Hair

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  1. Hey guys!
    My friend Becky has natural blond hair, but has been dying it black for the past year or so. She has decided that she is sick of the black and wants her hair to be dark blond / light brown. She can't afford to have it professionally done, so I'm going to be doing it for her since I have a good amount of experience with dying / bleaching my own hair and other friends' hair. However, I've never done something like this. Does anyone have tips?
  2. Honestly unless you are very experienced I would not do it. The underneath of my hair was dyed black and I wanted to go back blonde, most salons would not even touch my hair (& my hair was in GREAT condition at the time), I literally went to about 5 salons & not one would lift my hair from black! I eventually found a salon to do it & it went ginger the first time, I had to have it done 2/3x for it to actually go blonde & my hair was VERY delicate afterwards.

    I guess if your going to do it makes sure you do a patch test first! I remember my salon cutting off a lock of hair & lifting the black then waiting for it to dry fully so they could pull each end to see if it had gone all stretchy & weak like cotton wool.
  3. Thanks for your post. I know its going to have to been done slowly and steadily in order to keep her hair from falling out.
    We've already done a patch test with Color Oops and it made her hair a medium auburn color, so the plan right now is to use Color Oops, and then bleach it, and go from there.
  4. I agree with omgblonde...

    I worked in salons for over 9 years and I would highly recommend her going to a salon and having it done.

    Black is the hardest color to remove, because you have to break though all of that color. When people came into the salon to have it done, it would take any where between 2-4 appointments for their hair to get back to "normal" or the color they desired. And theres a VERY good chance of having very damaged hair after that, and most times a hefty trim is needed.

    I would recommend her going to an aveda salon if there is one near you... they have bleach that isn't nearly as harsh as most bleaches, and theyre colors are plant derived... they color line is amazing, and gives great results, especially with a color correction, and this way if anything goes wrong they are able to correct it.
  5. Don't do it! My friend did that to her own hair and basically it broke at the roots! Total nightmare.
  6. Being a part of the beauty industry as well, I would highly recommend NOT doing this at home! Not only is black difficult to remove, but black box color(at home color) is the worst. A professional will be better able to ensure the least amount of damage and the results will be far better than if you attempt to do this at home! JMHO!:flowers:
  7. Have her go to a salon. I dyed my hair black for a couple years and decided to go back to brown. It took nine hours one day and two hours the next day to correct everything. And I ended up with super short hair.
  8. NOOOO! My friend lost a lot of hair after bleaching it herself. Tell your friend to see a professional.
    Whatever money she saves on having you do it, she'll spend on repairing the damage.
  9. NOT DO IT!!!! it will RUIN her hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Here is what I would do:

    First, seize a friend with light brown hair who wants highlights or something.

    Then, buy one "blonde kit," the strongest you can get from Sally's.

    Set everything up, and cut a little snip of Becky's hair. Put it in a saucer, and saturate it with the stuff.

    Go try on clothes or put makeup on each other for 45 minutes.

    Look in the saucer. If the snip is still black, as you do highlights or whatever to your light-haired friend, discuss whether the two of you could chip in and treat Becky to a salon visit, where she may be told sorry, if we managed to get it out, it would damage your hair, which we won't do, so bye.

    Or they may be able to get it out.

    This way, you can avoid wasting the money on a product that is not going to help Becky, have that product benefit somebody, and find out whether Becky's hair can or cannot be fixed at home, by you.
  11. Don´t do it yourself !!
    I had my hair black for 2 years and wanted to go back to brown.
    It took an entire afternoon at the salon, + another apointment 2 months later. They said it´s the most difficult color to remove so make sure to go to a good colorist.
  12. I've done it but wouldn't recommend it, it will damage your hair.
    Go to a salon, black is a very hard color to color over. I dye my hair black now and was thinking of lightening it for Spring/Summer but I'm slowly changing my mind.
  13. Definitely wouldn't recommend doing it yourself - I promise you, it will turn orange. Black dye is super hard to lift off and must be done in stages, and it would be best left to a salon professional!
  14. Bleaching black hair blonde is not the same as dying and bleaching otherwise normal hair.

    Please don't try this at home... you don't want to ruin your friend's hair. Your friend can just call a bunch of salons and get price quotes. My favourite for color correction is Aveda. They'll probably charge $200 at the most, and their products are gentle.
  15. DO NOT DO IT! I have light brown hair and I dyed it black for about a year. When I wanted to get back to being light my hairdresser took 8 months lifting the colour out (I think I went to her 5 times in that period). It took forever and it really damaged my hair . If you try and do this at home and in one shot you may burn your friend's scalp, cause her hair to fall out, and you won't be able to get her color back to anything natural looking