blazers5505 VTech killer's eBay id

  1. omigod that's freaky
  2. Really, really creepy.
  3. OMG...He bought the magazine thing nearly 1 month before the shootings...

    What a horrible horrible man.
  4. I am still shaking my head and asking myself Why???
    Why didn't you just dig a deep hole somewhere and jump in? Why didn't you just walk in the woods somewhere and get lost? My heart goes out to all those innocent students and professors who's life was cut short because of you.:cursing:

  5. Whilst it is indeed freaky to say the least.

    It just proves that when the authorities "want to" find information, sure enough they can uncover heaps of stuff. All with very little effort.

    This is just one example of millions of untoward transactions.

    It is also a good enough reason to encourage people to continue to report fakes/scammers etc. because you just dont know what may well be uncovered.
  6. creepy stuff
  7. You don't need a background check for eBay, this doesn't surprise me. Even if you look under "adult" items, all you have to do is check a box stating you are over 18. Yet ebay will continue to make upwards of over $375 million.

  8. EXACTLY!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  9. I agree...if you are so miserable that you feel suicide is your only way out, why take all those innocent lives with you?

    And yes, very creepy about the ebay stuff.
  10. WOW! And how bad would you feel knowing you sold the clip that held the bullets that killed all those people?? Very sad.
  11. Yes, wonder how the person who sold the gun and other items feel?

    How creepy is it to think that the person you were dealing with on eBay was a killer. This whole thing really really bothers me. I feel so suspicious of everyone. Catch myself looking around a lot more than normal. No one should have to become paranoid because of some lunatic. I wish the world were a happy place.:sad:
  12. I was thining the exact same thing. That seller must feel awful. Its so sad :sad:
  13. Absolutely! This is all so terribly sad!
  14. Same with me..I can't stop thinking about this :sad: Like I keep thinking something like this is going to happen again anytime soon.