Blatant Counterfeiting

  1. I seem to have developed an additiction in the last few days . . . and have been reading all I can on the web to try to figure out how to spot the fakes.

    So look what I found -- an advertisement to sell fakes for resale on eBay, with a link to her website no less!! classifieds : Buy and Sell Beautiful Hermes Bags for sale in Miami (22CJ94)

    I don't even know why I'm posting this, except that I'm just apalled that this would go on. These people should take that gorgeous leather and come up with their own $%^&* designs for a legitimate income (they've clearly got the leatherworking skills).

    And this is so blatant -- can't something be done about it?????

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  3. Omg!!!
  4. Her website is pretty damn disgusting! Those bags are prolly worth 10 bucks *insert puke emoticon*
  5. ^^ This makes me more convinced that i should ONLY buy my Hermes bags from the boutique itself!
  6. This is just unreal. How can someone put so much energy into something so dishonest? I don't get it.
  7. Lordy - They look awwwful - how on earth can she get away with it??
  8. Yep. tangro07 has got an orange and a green, both with scarves. She's on the "don't buy" list, if I remember rightly.
    But get this: a trawl through her feedback shows that she (he?) buys from some interesting sources; some purchases have been made from fakey-fakey-fake sellers (since dumped off e-bay) while she also buys from bagteria
    (who I am sure is on the "good" list.)

    I wish e-bay would let us check the actual transactions further back! Trying to track the history of a Hermes bag is darn interesting though, and it's amazing the strange, incestuous connections between some of these traders.
    Myself, I'll give them a miss. But DQ is right, it can be quite obsessive...
  9. I hate ebay with a passion, I'm afraid. I've been on a bit of a jaunt through some interesting histories of sellers in the past few days. It is possible sometimes to track an individual bag back to its fakey-fake origins.
    The most shocking thing I found is this: there are REPUTABLE sellers on the "good guys" list who are buying goods from known fakers and from some very obvious illicit sources.
    It seems to me that it is possible for a fake to "climb the food chain" and eventually get represented as something possibly legit.
    One of the reputable seller's feedback shows the following:
    - buying loads of fake (non-hermes tho') LV etc from bottom-feeders for a couple of dollars
    - buying loads from obvious fakers who are since de-registered
    - buying really cheap personal items (e.g. a bottle of Clinique eye-make up remover for $2). Sorry, I don't mean to be a snob but if you have an established reputation and the wherewithal to be trading in genuine Hermes, why would you bother to buy personal make-up on the cheap? .. never mind the thought that it might be a rip-off and who knows what you're putting on your skin?

    There are some very strange buying patterns between reputable sellers and the bad guys. A lot of "incest" that surprised me. Unfortunately you can't always see quite what your seller has bought from the previous trader, but you can get an idea by checking out the type of goods the previous person in the food chain is selling...
    Oh and the 100% feedback - I have seen sellers who have some horrendous feedback such as faking, yet it classifies as a "positive"! Then there are the sellers who have 100% feedback but all they have bought is a load of 99cent jiffy bags etc....
    It's a scary world out there. Please be careful!
  10. totally agree with you, lolo.
    never bought a thing from ebay.
    what i can't see and i can't touch, i dont buy.
    for me, the best experience and satisfaction
    are simply to pay full price at an hermes store.
    no worries, no doubts! just sheer enjoyment!