blast from the past: my "new" teal 05 first! :D

  1. i've always been a little wary of eBay but i saw this beauty and natk convinced me to get it and after thinking (and obsessing), i took the plunge!

    what do you girls think? :smile: i love this color! :tender:



    with my rouge vif first :yahoo:
  2. OMG, congrats!!!!!!

    I love love love this color myself!!! The leather seems so perfect:tender:
  3. i love teal!!!! u have such contrasting colors!!!!! it looks great!
  4. told you to get it!! aren't you glad you did :biggrin:
  5. it's a beauty pluiee! congrats! what a great find! :heart:
  6. Wow, wow wow, great choice, pluiee! The color & leather are TDF! Congrats! :tup::yahoo::heart::woohoo:
  7. beautiful colour! congrats
  8. beautiful color (is it true to life??) and gorgeous leather!!!
  9. I'm a new fan of 05 teal, congrats on a great bag!
  10. i love 05 teal-- it's such a wearable but rich color
  11. Are we totally convinced that its authentic?! Kidding.

    It looks great!
  12. Looks pretty good to me.. Teal is the colour now eh?!!..
  13. THANK YOU rensky, emyrow, nada, casper7, bal newbie, marie83!

    tooshies: i'm in love with all your TEAL LOVELIES!! especially the work :smile:

    natk: yes yes you're my personal enaBALer!!

    hmwe: this color is exceedingly hard to capture, i would say it's pretty accurate in the first picture, it's much darker than the third!

    rere: I KNOW! i apologize, i'm paranoid. i was literally comparing bale to bale with my vif and stud to stud! the studs are actually different colors!! so i had my doubts for a second... sorry!

    chpwhy: thanks :smile: haha yea i guess so, reminds me of the thread about it raining bal colors! like you look forever for a bal color then suddenly every bbag sold on eBay is that color!
  14. Don't be sorry! Oh no girl, you can never be too certain, especially with all those crooks out there tryna trick us. I compare bale to bale, stud to stud, rivet to rivet too... in fact - I probably do worse.

    At least we have each other. :yes:
  15. Wow it looks perfect, in pretty much brand new condition! lucky girl!!