1. So i think i'm about to commit an act of tokidoki blasphemy....
    I bought adios necklase in my little icon a while ago and the chain is LONGGGGGG
    like down to the middle of my boobs. I can double strand it, but thats a little uncomfy tight.

    So a hobby of mine is making jewlry,
    and im considering ripping off the charm and making a new necklace out of it...

    I was thinking of buying the playground braclet and doing the same thing....

    oh jeez.. this is like defacing art... lol
  2. don't worry, Lots of people have done it already and besides if remaking them makes the jewelry suite you better, then why not? especially if jewelry making is something you do, then you'd probably do an awesome job at it. :tup:
  3. good luck with it. i've seen some people on eBay selling only the charms.