Blasphemy - not sure about Sabrina!

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  1. I have to admit that lately Im not sure if I still love my Sabrina. I have the sm/med cranberry, which was a pilot bag, so I've had this bag for a fairly long time. I really loved it at first, then kinda got annoyed at the two strap thing (I leave the longer strap on in case I need my hands, but its not my favorite look). Eveyone seems to love Sabrina so much, so I'm thinking "what is wrong with me???!" Im giving it another chance, and this time Im dressing it up a little. Im very into putting scarves on my bags again (I used to do it all the time, then stopped, but pzold and her gorgeous group shots inspired me all over again!) so I found one of my oldies but goodies and Im going to carry it for the next few days. I think it looks really pretty, so maybe Sabrina will once again hold a place in my heart! Here it is, all dressed up.

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  2. I happen to think its a beautiful bag. That said, I don't have one myself so am not sure about the carrying/daily use of it. That color is very pretty though, I'd be hesitant to give that one up.
  3. I must say that the color is BEAUTIFUL!! And it looks really great with that scarf. I have a Sabrina sm/med in Expresso. I got her a couple of weeks ago and still haven't used her. I'm like you in that I like the look of her without using the shoulder strap. But I'm not much of a holding my purse by the handle kind of girl. I tend to like shoulder bags more. So having said that, I've been thinking about taking it back. I just don't want to regret it though because like you said everyone seems to love them. Is there somthing wrong with us? HHMMM......So I know I'm not much help. I have the same concerns as you. But I must say that considering the uniqueness of the color, I'd probably keep it!!! If not, you can send her my way..... LOL!!!
  4. I can't ever imagine falling out of love with my Sabrina, especially my magenta one. Your bag looks gorgeous, especially all dressed up in that beautiful bow. Hopefully you'll start feeling the love for her again once you start using her. Of course if you don't, it's no big deal. Everyone has different tastes and the Sabrina definitely isn't for everyone. I for one have no interest in the larger Legacy bags (I know, I know, I should be shunned from society for that confession) because they are just too big and heavy for me. I think they are beautiful bags, but they just aren't for me. It's sad when we love a bag enough to buy it but then later fall out of love with it.
  5. I think that color is gorgeous! That scarf looks great on it too. The bow you tied on it is perfect. I can never get mine to look that way. Can you tell me how you tied it? :tender:
  6. I'm pretty much the same as you. Like the look of the bag as a satchel but not with the shoulder strap. My solution? I bought the sm/md Espresso for my Mom (who only likes satchels) - that way I can borrow from her once in a while. :graucho:

    Too bad I am living quite far away from her now.
  7. Pretty, I think the scarf looks good on there.
  8. WEEEEEELLLLLL, You of all people know all too well how I feel about Sabrina. I think it is a nice bag, but I don't "get it" either. I LOVE my teal Sabrina's COLOR, but only "like" the bag itself. Sure it is nice, but it is also annoying too with the strap thing and getting in and out of it when it is all slouchy and things falling all over each other rather than staying put. I know, I know, blasphemy to most, but it is how I feel. If I could get this color in another bag, I would drop this one in a hot second! So I can definitely see where you are coming from. The ONLY way that I can even use my bag is with a scarf on it too, because without it it is just a glorified expensive gym bag really, so I HAVE to have my polka dot scarf on her to make it appear more feminine and better looking. I mean NO OFFENSE to anyone else and their love of their Sabrina, it simply is not my be all end all bag like it is for some.
  9. I know what you mean...I fell in love with this bag because of the two handle look...except that it gets tiring after awhile...and the shoulder strap is just SO much more comfortable...unfortunately then it looks kinda "sac-ish" to me. And dear lord, finding stuff in it is hard because all my inner accessories are dark and the magenta sabrina has the dark brown lining.

    I still love my Sabrina though! I don't have a piece like it and it's the "bright" spot in my otherwise "safe" colors collection. Wear it loud and proud!!!
  10. I understand how you feel donnalynn11. I think your Sabrina is so pretty with the bow. I have two but have never carried either. I love the leather and the colors, Steel and Cherry, but I don't like the long strap and find the bag hard to get into and small when it's hooked on the sides but of course, that's when it looks the best. I wish the handles were longer because, I'm a shoulder bag type of girl. I don't want to give either up so I guess I just need to deal with it and carry the bag.

    I have, more or less, been putting bows on my bags for years. It was only in the past year, since I discovered TPF, that I started buying Coach scarves and adding fobs and charms to the bags as well. Not all my bags have bows and fobs or charms but most do. I love the girly touch it adds to the bags. When I put a scarf, fob, or charm on a bag, that's the only bag I use it on unless I find something that works better. :smile:
  11. I'm jealous! I had a chance to buy a Med/large sabrina in cranberry on ebay and missed out. I have 3 sabrinas now and would actually get another if I could get the larger cranberry.
    As for the two strap thing...that's one of the points I love about it. I love the look of a satchel on my arm but the fact that the longer strap is there if I need it is awesome.
    The slouchiness of the bag was hard to get used to. I've gotten a system down now where everything in my bag is organized into 2 clear zipped makeup bags. (except for my Ipod and lipstick case) I just put the 2 clear bags on the bottom (which really helps the bag hold its shape) and the things I need often like my wallet and lipstick are right there on top. If I didn't do it this way I could see how it would be very difficult to find stuff in her.
    I'm off to ebay've got me on the hunt again for that cranberry Sabrina I passed up.....:search:
  12. Donnalynn, I LOVE your Sabrina all dressed up with the pony tail scarf. The bag just takes some getting use to carrying. I definitely don't use mine when I am out with the kids because I need my hands free and I don't care for how it looks on the shoulder. But that's okay. I still love her and have no plans on giving her up!
  13. I was the reverse...I didn't like them initially but now I like them. I don't want one in every color like I do some bags, though. TBH, to me the small Sabrina seems a bit small for a scarf, but I admit I'm not a huge scarf person. Did you try a charm? If you love it, though, that's what matters..and that scarf is BEAUTIFUL!! I love that one!! The colors go well with that color Sabrina. I have the large pilot in this color.

    At the moment, I'm trying to rationalize whether I can deal with the small Sabrina size because the violet spectator has my eye! I just have this feeling that once I remove the packing that it will look even smaller, though, so I have to try it at the store with my stuff in it. THe large Julianne is definitely too humongous!!

    Anyway, good luck at resurrecting your love for the bag, and if you don't, then there's no sense in keeping it. It doesn't matter what someone else thinks is hot or's of no use to you, and just ties up money, if you don't love it!!
  14. i absolutely love that colour. i wouldn't be able to part with it if i had one!
  15. Not sure about Sabrina??? Oh the Humanity!!!!:faint:

    LOL j/k donnalynn...

    I am personally a big fan of the large Sabrina...but even if she is the most popular thing in town and you are not feeling the love, well that is all that matters! None of us here would stone you for feeling that way...I think:P

    Besides, if we ALL loved the same bag, wouldn't life be boring as heck? And what in the world would we talk about here on tPF?:shrugs: