blasphemous--which strap for my speedy?

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  1. Hi All! I just received in the mail my first LV bag!:yahoo: When the DB called and said he signed for a package, I literally screamed on the phone (I was solo in the car). I ended up with the Damier Ebene Speedy 25 for fall (& I am hoping to get my 2nd bag in Dec/Jan). I've even ordered a base shaper for the speedy and I can't wait to take her out for show and tell (not sure if I want to bring it to work yet since you all know how snippety some women can be for no reason).

    Anyhoo, I can't quite afford the Eva yet nor is it in stock, so I am wanting to purchase a strap for the bag to use on occasion when I traipse around the city or do some major shopping (hello, I need both hands free). I know some people may think it is blasphemous to put a strap on the speedy, but I am pretty sure I won't be doing so all the time (it's a top-handle!). I found this seller on ebay via this thread:

    So, I need help--which strap will match best with the Damier Ebene??


    Are they the same? The first one appears darker to me...Also, please move the thread if I have posted in the wrong forum. Thanks!!
  2. On my computer monitor they look the same. I have a Damier Ebene Speedy 35 with a strap but mine is from LV. They have two different widths available, I thought about going with another brand but I'm OCD about it matching. Good luck with your decision!
    PS- Enjoy your Blasphemy :cool: I LOVE my strap and find it very handy xoxo
  3. I'd say the top strap(dark brown) would match best with ebene
  4. m OCD, too, lightinurlife - bought an LV strap for the Epi Speedy :wlae:
  5. i can't find the strap in damier ebene on the LV website???
  6. I bought my strap through LV to use with my Mini Lin and SO Damier Deauville, and I kept it when I sold the Mini Lin. I don't find using a strap with my other speedy pieces blasphemous at all! :graucho::P
  7. Well I think the ebay straps look el-cheapo, and you don't want something like that to distract from your beautiful speedy. I recommend looking into finding one from LV. If you can't find it on the website, you can find it in store. Or call customer service. I know many small things like that aren't listed on the website
  8. i have a strap that i originally bought to use with my speedy. i think it was the strap for the alma. maybe that's what you need to ask for?
  9. They don't list all their products online...

    You will need to ask in store; just don't say that it's for a Speedy and you should be fine.
  10. I'm in the "don't do it" camp :nogood: LOL