"BLASON" Jewelery Collection By Pharrell Williams

  1. Thanks for the info! :flowers:
  2. ow wow! lots of bling!
    i like the crown bracelet (i think) but yeah..can only dream of it ;)
  3. :wtf: I like Pharell as an artist. I like LV as a fashion house. I am failing to see the connection between the two. I guess whatever floats your boat. But I don't think this is a good collaboration for LV.
  4. LV wouldn't risk everything they are known for by joining forces with Pharell without expecting a great outcome. They signed Marc Jacobs didn't they and joined forces with Takashi which only made the company MILLIONS after releasing the MC and Cerises lines and the soon to come Camouflage lines and some may agree or may not agree but he has done an AMAZING job for LV and LV wouldn't be what it is today without the help of Marc Jacobs, all those designs and clothes, everything is PERFECT and I know that even if your not a fan of Marc and wish someone else was designing, I bet you own something Marc designed for LV.... LVMH is the WORLD LEADER IN LUXURY. Pharrels jewelry ranges from $2k-$600k and I doubt the $600k item is going to fly off the shelves, they have to have EXCLUSIVE things for certain customers that expect much MORE than just a basic diamond.
  5. well if you can afford it and if you LIKE any of these jewelery then all's fine with me. I personally don't like them all that much because I find the designs to be too masculine. Eg. The teardrop earring... That's pretty massive... I prefer smaller and more delicate stuff...
  6. No -- I don't actually own anything designed by Marc Jacobs for LV .... And I don't like any of the other lines you mentioned either. Not my taste --- it's fine if it's yours. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you want to run out and get everything put out by LVMH, then by all means, go ahead.
  7. hmm the jewellery looks klassy...
  8. OMG i love it all.
  9. love the BLING..:drool:.doubt i can afford it..:crybaby:
  10. interesting...
  11. I could never afford it!!!
  12. with a capital 'K' :p
  13. What does "klassy" mean?
  14. I had high hopes but I'm reserving judgement until I see better pics