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  1. Went for a makeup consultation Friday night at Chanel counter, a first for me. It was really fun, people nice and walked away with a few of the products. One of them Blanc Universel, a primer/hi-lighter. However, I'm not really sure how to use? I've been on makeup alley and there are rave reviews. It didn't work under makeup as I end up like a ghost (or geisha according to my husband). I want to hi-light so what are good places to use. Should I use fingers or brush? THanks!:confused1:
  2. I always use my fingers. You can also uses a foundation brush or a small brush to smooth it on ur face. Don't apply in all over the face but just use them on your T-zone.
  3. I never heard of this. What is it?
  4. From what I was told was to put all over face over foundation for a nice "glow", sort of a highlight around face. I tried it under foundation which I guess you can use as a primer, asked by husbands opinion and he said I looked too white. I guess you have to play around with it. I walked away from counter with toner, eye concealer, serum, two brushes, primer and that. This morning tried doing the whole routine and was running late! Usually, just moisterize, foundation and quick eyemakeup. I also used the lip liner I rec'd. as a gift. No one at work mentioned I look any different