Blanc Pocket IS HERE!

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  1. So the FedEx guy waited until the afternoon to show least it wasn't 5:30 like UPS! My blanc pocket has just arrived from Chloe. (BTW, their receipt says seven days for exchange or store credit in case anyone is considering purchasing from them. The size does not seem that much smaller than the big pocket...just enough to make a difference, so we are *go* on size.

    Of COURSE I have pics for you guys! And I included a hardware pic because the lock/hardware seem more coppery on this color than on my jeans moyen, which was more of a matte gold. It is not a true white, like my Furla, but more of a creamy ivory color. This means more wearable into fall and winter, and gives me a good excuse to keep the Furla, so I am not complaining. But will it look good with white t-shirts?

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  2. waaaaaaaaay too pretty! not fair! enjoy it :smile:
  3. girl! this bag will look AWESOME with ANYTHING!!! :love: you could even be NAKED with it!
    i LOVE it! the blanc is a gorgeous soft white!!!! i can't stop drooling:love: congrats, ET!
  4. Congrats! It looks absolutely beautiful in that color - a little dressier and elegant. I have the Blanc in the regular satchel size and it seems to go with almost everything except white t-shirts, since it's so creamy. I can see it with all other different shades of neutrals though.

    But that shouldn't be a problem - I mean it goes with everything else and I'm sure you have other great bags to go with dead white. Thanks for the pics too - it's REALLY beautiful! Enjoy it!!
  5. That is a beautiful pocket! I didnt like the pocket initially, but all of these pictures are making it grow on me :biggrin:
  6. Thanks all! Madison, I will refrain from posting THAT pic!:lol:

    Style101, I may just carry it with white t-shirts anyway! It seems to look good in the box satchel on Lindsay Lohan (not that I look anything like her...but she is carrying hers with white), so maybe I can get away with it.

    Up close it is darker than it appears in the pics. It is rainy/snowy here today, so when it gets nice outside I will get outside pics so you can see the *real* color. I was a bit shocked by the color depth when I unwrapped it, but now it is growing on me as more versatile. And from across the room it looks more white, so outside in the sun I assume it will appear lighter as well.
  7. You know - I think you're absolutely right about the white t-shirts. I remember that pic of Lindsay Lohan with her Blanc bowler and it did look great like that! Maybe the contrast is just enough actually, since it IS deeper.
  8. Oops! I meant to post it so you could see what I was talking about! Sorry!:shame:

    (originally posted on the "Documenting Chloe Colours" thread...yes, I *stole* it) This is the pic that made me fall instantly in love with the blanc, after which I HAD to have it!

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  9. Congrats, it's AWESOME!
  10. Congratulations to your lovely bag!
  11. Congrats, ET! Love the bag!

    (Nail in the coffin for the black zippy...Thank you!)
  12. *Apologies to black zippy*

    The zippy is really cute, but if you want a larger (but not huge), slouchier bag with the boxy shape, this is IT!

    (And now, sadly, I have also fallen in love with Style101's Ink City Balenciaga...moving on to fall...)
  13. Congrats, ET!!! Gorgeous bag and I love the creamy colour!
  14. Beautiful!! Congrats!
  15. I want to give a big *HUG* to all of my forum pals! It is great to know that I am not the only one who is handbag obsessed, and when I bring home a new bag (or the FedEx guy brings it to me...LOL) and my husband goes "eh...whatever" you guys are always here to "ooh" and "aah" over it. Love you guys!
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