Blanc Pocket and Edith on the way!


Feb 4, 2006
Chloe NYC called me yesterday morning in response to my message on Saturday. They had the blanc small/medium pocket (which they tell me has no official name) IN STOCK, so I jumped on that! It should be here Thursday afternoon.

And to make things even better, I got a message from my SA at Ron Herman that my Edith is ON ITS WAY! It shipped out today.

And of course I will post pics as soon as they arrive!:nuts:
Nicolette said:
Congrats! I hope you're happy & satisfied this time :biggrin:

I know...I am SO difficult!:biggrin: Maybe the third time is the charm! If we only had a store here that had such things, I would not have to keep playing this little "buy and see" game. I could just go into the store and try it on! But I have loved all of them so far...they just haven't loved me. :sad2: