BLANC LOAF - $1075AUS - Should I? =D

  1. It was reduced to AUS$1075 from AUS$2000+ at my local dept store cause someone has nicked the paddlock and the key...
    I was so tempted but really hesitating cos Chloe without the paddlock is..:rolleyes: not really Chloe..

    Should I? :p
    It's so cutee I instantly want to take her home :p :girlsigh:
  2. I had the same offer for a mini paddy. I looked into replacing the lock and key, but it proved difficult. Look into replacing the missing items first.
  3. I would! I got my choc paddy on sale b/c the lock is defective and will not stay closed. It was such a great buy that I had to get it!! So now I only use the lock on speacial occasions.
  4. I have spoken to the Manager of the floor, and questioned whether they can contact Chloe to have it replaced..and she said they have tried that for few customers through the buyer but apparently Chloe is unable to replace the I was told :push:

    I am still contemplating now cos Chloe without a paddlock...hmmm...:sweatdrop:
  5. aki, another PF member just ordered and received a new chloe lock for her Blue Jeans Moyen, it was $100. If you PM her I'm sure she will give you details. member name is handbagrehab
  6. Really???
    WOW! Thanks heaps ReRe!
    I will pm her now...:wlae:

    BTW, whats happening with your load ReRe?
    Is it craie?
  7. Thats a pretty good deal considering David Jones has them for $2510 the last time I checked. Check to see if you can get the lock replaced first. What store was this in?