Blanc is here to keep Choco, Mousse, and Whiskey company!!

  1. Ok gals, here she is- my BLANC :love: Thanks to Sonja, DG, LG, Kimmie, and everyone's input, support and help on getting this bag. I am in love :heart:

    Pre-loved and in MINT condition, along side the other paddies,
    including Mom's whiskey.

    I wanna carry all four -three, I mean three (hee hee!) at the
    same time!!!
    quartet.jpg whiskey.out.jpg whiskey.blanc.jpg blanc.jpg
  2. awww your collection is so beautiful! im so envious! i saw it today when i went to bloomies and i totally fell in love with it. the next bag im going to work on is either that or a rouille balenciaga city. it's such a hard decision! congrats though!! youre so lucky!!!
  3. I am so inlove with your paddys! :love::heart::love::heart:
    Congrats on the beautiful blanc!! I bet you can't wait to take her out!! Looks like she's in amazing shape! :tender:
  4. hmwe46 - LOVE your family!!! Your 4 paddies would totally be my top 4 too!!! GORGEOUS!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE how you took the pics of them in the sun! It really brings out their character and the depths to the colours!

    AWESOME colleciton! :yes: :love:
  5. :nuts: Wow!
  6. So let's see...that makes four....oooops, I mean three :graucho: paddingtons under three months? You are officially hooked! We should all go get little tattoos of padlocks! Cute dainty ones.

    I LOVE your blanc! It looks like it is in perfect condition. And that whiskey, oh my! :nuts: Great collection! All you need now is a red one! :lol:
  7. Wow those are the exact 4 colors I would have if I had enough money!
  8. Great idea LG!!

    I have two tiny well-hidden paw prints (lower back) for my sweet
    dogs, a Weim and Rottie. A teeny padlock would fun!! :drool:

  9. Your paddy collection has grown quite nicely since you joined PF!!
    Lovely collection.
    They're ALL gorgeous!!
  10. Oh my, this is such a corgeous collections, I love your bábies hmwe aswell as your mum's :heart: :P

    They're all just perfect, they look lovely together there :love: Congrats and thanks for providing us all some eye-candy..!!:P

    Edit/ Lorguinny; I love the idea of tattooed padlocks..!! ;) If I ever decide to get a tattoo that's the one, dainty and cute padlock:yes: :P
  11. Love your little paddie family ... the blanc color is the perfect addition to your already stunning collection! Congrats and enjoy!
  12. I couldn't have done without you all!! THANK YOU!!!

    Three months ago I was crying over a seriously nasty fake choco
    and now I am basking in the glow of four (three! Really!! Honest!!!)
    gorgeous paddies in exactly the colors I most wanted. :flowers::flowers::flowers:

    This is a terrific support system :upsidedown:
  13. congrats! nice collection!
  14. What a great collection...I am thinking about selling my 05 Chocolate Paddy...but I just can't see, to list her! She smells SO good & the leather is divine!...Such a decision!!
  15. Hot! Hot! Hot! And Hot!!!!!!!!:yes:
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