Blanc First or City?

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  1. I'm endlessly debating on which one to get... I do carry a lot, but I don't want one that'll overwhelm my size (that's why I'm not even considering the part-time or work).

    Btw, I'm 5'4 with a slim built. I'm also a student, so I may end up bringing this bag from the office to class. If you guys can also post pictures of how your first/city looks on. Thanks!!
  2. moving this to the main forum :tup:
  3. thanks for moving it!

    If anyone has pictures of a City on one arm and a First on the other arm, it would help a lot. Thanks girls!
  4. here's one. click on the arrow in the quote:

  5. city should be fine...thought i've seen tons of pics of the olsen twins carrying a white one...more versatile than the first, imo.
  6. I would say the city.