Blanc Chloe Paddington On Sale

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I just got back from Nordstroms in Arcadia and the nice SA (Valeria) showed me a Blanc Paddie they had on sale for $995.00. I have it on hold and have decided not to break my good streak so if any of you ladies are interested the number is 626-821-6363. It's on hold under Lin till tomorrow :yes:
  2. I just missed this one :crybaby: . If anyone sees another blanc on sale (medium) please PM me!!!
  3. really? I didn't know that Nordstrom sells it. Arcadia is like 30-40 minutes away from my house. Was it on display? Or do you have to ask them? Thank :]
  4. WOW...a blanc paddy on sale like that...I think I would've snatched that one up too!!!