blanc casse 30 PHW L stamp

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  1. I've just been offered this beautiful croc birkin but I have no idea how much it is worth, I'm told it's only been out 4 - 5 times and it does look immaculate, has all the bits and has been spa-ed once by Hemes, any helpful advice would be much appreciated
    Thank you
  2. Do you have a picture of it?
  3. why would it have been spa'd if only carried 4-5 times?
  4. Is blanc casse a croc color? I've only heard of it coming in lizard.

    I could be wrong. Hopefully someone with better knowledge of exotics can chime in.
  5. i thought so too..........?
  6. My understanding is that Blanc Casse is the same as's been re-named. Please excuse me if this is not correct.....but this is the info I obtained from one of my SA's regarding ostrich Parchemin.
  7. Are you sure it is a croc? If it is a croc in an offwhite color like blanc casse in lizard or ostrich, then it's most likely a fake as these are very very rare yet commonly faked.

    How much did the seller offer and does it have the spa receipt?