Blanc baby Paddy

  1. So I'm thinking about purchasing a Blanc baby in a few weeks. Any enablers out there to soothe my concerns about dirt and/or post pictures of their blanc babies?? TIA! :smile:
  2. I've never owned a blanc but I do own a baby and I'd say go for it - they're SO gorgeous!!!

    Also from everything I've read on this forum, Chloe leather doesn't get grubby easily.
  3. I can't wait to see mine. I ordered one from (baby paddy blanc). I need to pick it up tomorrow since they tried to deliver it two times now at my house and no one is here. I'm usually careful with my purse so I'm not really worried. You should get it, it's great summer bag.
  4. I'm keeping an eye out for a blanc or jeans moyen baby paddy too! Can't wait to see some pics!
  5. Personally, the baby is too small for me, but Chloé whites have the reputation to be rather easy to care for.
    I have a med satchel in 06 blanc which is rather ivory. I bought it from a fellow pfer. The bag is just perfect, she has used it a little but I havn't once, partly out of fear to ruin it...but seeing all these beauty's makes me want to take it out of it's dustbag.
  6. A Blanc Baby paddy sounds so cute and innocent:tender:
    Must get one!!:tup:
  7. oooh I would say, go for it for sure!!!

    gorgeous bag and lovely colour, what can be better than that!!
  8. Welll.... I think I'm convinced! LOL. I can't wait to see yours Anghelq! I was thinking about ordering from Diabro. I'm still a little nervous about it, even though I've heard good things lately. I'll keep you all posted!
  9. I just got mine today. I will post picture later on tonight. It's really pretty it looks authentic like my medium paddington blanc that I bought from NM but I return coz it was too heavy. It's a lot smaller than the medium paddington though but at least its not as heavy. lol.
  10. ^^^ nice! I can't wait to see your pictures!!!
  11. Oooooh Pic please!
  12. Rin, I think blanc is very easy to keep clean :yes:
    and my favorite (and only remaining paddy) is a mini size (although loaf style). I think it makes the weight of the leather more livable and it's sooo darn cute in the smaller size :yes:
  13. That's exactly why I want the baby size.... it's just sooo cute! Plus I am a little under 5'4 and have a really small frame, so I think the baby will look fine on me! Thanks for letting me know about the blanc being easy to keep clean. I've never really had an all white bag before, so I'm a bit nervous.
  14. Here's my blanc baby paddy 07, I already had her authenticated through authentic this thread and they said is authentic. I was a little nervous and paranoid at first. She is gorgeous. I will post modeling pics later. Anyway, here she is.. She is a lot smaller and lighter than the medium paddy I returned.
  15. [​IMG][​IMG]