Blanc 2006 Paddington Owers, Please Help

  1. Hello all. I am currently in a very bad situation. I purchased a blanc Chloe Paddington on eBay. The girls at the Authenticate this Chloe thread and I are having a hard time determining if the bag is authentic or not. Here is a link to my album with the pictures of the bag:

    As you can see, there is damage to the hardware. It shows a lot of the silver material underneath, and the engravings on the plates look "off". The leather is not as stiff as it looks in the pictures.

    I have filed a dispute with paypal. The seller swears the bag is authentic.

    Now, here is where I need your help. I need to know if you have any of this issues with your paddys, and if you feel comfortable, post pictures. We are thinking that if my bag is in fact authentic, some of the issues with the hardware could be due to Chloe's excellent quality control, or the location where this specific kind of bags where made.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.:smile:
  2. I don't have a 2006 blanc but I do have 3 paddies, 2 from 2006 and I think your bag looks authentic. BUT I do not consider myself an expert and would really need to see the bag irl to judge fully.

    Also the hardware on 2 of my paddies is silver, the third black so I am not much help with your padlock, though on my 2006 paddy with the black enameled padlock, the padlock enamel had a chip in it and silver was showing through like how yours is chipped. Good luck.
  3. I had an 06 blanc paddy and this looks perfect to me.
  4. Thank you both for replying.

    Hmwe46, do you think the leather looks OK? I thought to myself that maybe the difference in dyes and processing might make a big difference in regards to say, a black bag.
  5. I have a Chloe paddy, however, I never trust online sites for anything. I automatically assume it's fake because I don't want to purchase it and end up carrying a fake (not to mention all that money spent on it). The blanc paddy you're after looks real but then again, replicas these days have gotten really good. Also, it's hard to tell from the pictures.

    Good luck with your decision and I wish you the best!
  6. It looks gorgeous -- to me :heart:

    I would have bought it without hesitation.

    Email me and I'll send you a link to my blanc pics :yes:

  7. I have an 06 blanc and it looks real to me. If its a fake its a real good one. I think its like you said processing..I think leather can differ from bag to bag on authentic paddies.
  8. ack: now I am not sure!!!! :shame:

    The one thing that bugs me is the back of the lock: the leather isn't a perfect fit. And while Chloe quality is fickle and inconsistent, that doesn't look great to me :push:



  9. WOw - that seems pretty telltale....
  10. Arg!!!! :hysteric::sad:
  11. I have a grenat paddy that the leather around the lock is like that. I also have *gulp* 5 paddingtons total including a blanc and I think that your blanc looks authentic. I am going to post some pictures of my blanc for you in a minute . . .
  12. Wow I've never noticed the back of the padlock before! That's really interesting the hm's screws are all aligned... I'm going to check mine...
  13. Here are a couple of photos of my blanc. If you would like more, pm me your email address, as I don't know how to watermark yet!
    chloeblanc.jpg chloeblanc2.jpg
  14. Is that an 06 or 07?
  15. I had a better look to the pictures and it looks authentic to me.
    I do have a blanc paddy 06 and last time I didn't see thare were 2 pages of pictures. Now I saw them all and I think that the bag is ok.
    Just my opinion :smile: