Blame Kilian Hennesey - I was bad today!

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  1. Last week, I had my SA at Neiman Marcus order Intoxicated by Kilian for me. Mind you, they sell Kilian right there in Saks Fifth Avenue, practically next door (location: Copley Square, Boston), but, I like getting it from Ann at Neiman's even though they don't sell it right in that location. Today, I saw online, a special, Only for Saks, edition of Woman in Gold with a travel case with .25 ounce of juice, instead of the box that usually comes with it. It was offered for pre-order only. Anyway, today, I went to pick up my Intoxicated and walked through Saks after that past the big, beautiful By Kilian display. I told the SA there about that new item. She didn't know anything about it, but told me to wait while she looked. She had one! And I bought it. She also gave me a bunch of Kilian samples (Ann gave me Frederic Malle samples, too). So, I bought too much, but what am I going to do. I'm bad.
    20190408_162108.jpg 20190408_162136.jpg 20190408_162249.jpg 20190408_162313.jpg 20190408_162338.jpg 20190408_161732.jpg 20190408_161754.jpg 20190408_161923.jpg 20190408_162013.jpg
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  2. Congratulations on your new goodies! :smile:
    Travel and purse sprays are so convenient, especially when you are trying to fit things into a smaller purse. What do you think of Portrait of a Lady? I love so many of the perfumes from Frederic Malle.
  3. I'm not sure about Potrait of a Lady. I'll have to try it again. She also gave me Outrageous, and I liked that. I have to wait a bit before I buy anything else, though.
    The Kilian travel/purse spray holder is really something. It's heavy,, and the cap is magnetic. Monsieur Hennesey puts out a quality product.
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  4. Is intoxicated new? I cant keep track since my first purchase was from the first release many years ago. I love the complexity of when I sniff others, they just dont do it.
  5. Um, I think you made the right decision. :cool:
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