blake weight?

  1. i've been considering a blake but after reading posts of people saying its painful to carry... im rethinking it. would you guys say a blake is significantly heavier than say, a sophia? thanks!
  2. Good question - I have no idea!

    Could someone also describe the weight comparison between the Blake and Venetia?
  3. Funny you ask, I was going to post the weight of all my bags tonight for reference. :p If you can wait until then I should be able to help you.
  4. ^^Thanks Melly, you rock!
  5. oo thanks! haha i can just imagine you placing your bags on a baking scale.
  6. Haha that's exactly what I am going to do! :roflmfao:
  7. I don't have a Blake but I do have a Venetia. And with my blackberry, cellphone, and wallet, the bag is about 5 lbs. I made my 8-year old son stand on the scale with it just last night! I figured that the added benefit of carrying a gorgeous bag is that I also fit in a work out for my forearm and biceps!:yes:
  8. oh sweet! i'va always wondered this?? a few girls over on TFS actually weighed their stams and stam chains...hahah
  9. I am curious about the Blake weight, too. I am also curious about the Blake size compared to the Hudson. Because they are similar shapes (with the three compartements), I thought the Blake might work for me but, everytime I see in in person, it seems small. The Hudson is a good size for me. Is the Blake smaller?
  10. I definitely think the blake is significantly heavier than a Sophia.... It's almost 3lbs for a blake, from what I remember... a pfer once weighed it along with a stam and it was about that weight. My shoulder always gets a bit sore after carrying a blake. Remember, this bag has three compartments and all are lined in suede.
  11. Found the post:
  12. oh wow. hmm. i definitely have to rethink the blake.
  13. It's such a great bag. I like it because you can carry it on your forearm or shoulder, or in hand! I think the additional weight is worth it since the compartments are lined in suede. Have you gone to try them on IRL? Remember, sometimes Beauty is Pain :p
  14. although the blake is heavier than regular bags its size, the handles are really comfortable on the shoulders, so personally i dont really mind the heaviness...

    ive compared with my coach bags (sorry if anyone here is a fan) but it strained my shoulders a lot when i carry too much.. i think although the blake is heavy, the comfort of it makes up for that heaviness :smile:
  15. I have been carrying my Blake for the last 2 and half weeks and I love it. It doesn't feel that heavy to me and I have A LOT of stuff in it. My large MP feels heavier than the Blake, but I think that's because it only has a single strap versus the 2 on the Blake. For me it's a comfortable bag and I switch between shoulder and hand.