Blake Questions

  1. Can one of you current Blake owners tell me if it fits comfortably as a shoulder bag? I've given up on finding a Stella, so thought maybe a Blake would satisfy me (probably not!). Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  2. I used to own one :P and it did fit perfectly on the shoulder. It's a perfect shoulder bag actually. It was just a tad on the heavier side compare to a Stella. What color are you thinking of?
  3. Blake is great as a shoulder bag. Though it can get a tad heavy.
  4. I want a Black Stella bag sooooo badly, though at this point I'll take anything dark, indigo, chocolate, black, any deeper color! I've tried two online companies and they didn't work out. I've called all the MJ Stores I have access to and nothing! Now, I'm on a mission and gonna buy something!