Blake Questions & Pic Request

  1. I've never seen a Blake in person. (The price I pay for living the country life) I thought I wanted a Venetia, but the more I look at them I think the center buckle would bug me. Also I'm afraid that I really won't have any organization options. I think it has three main compartments? How do you use them? Is the center section the largest? Where do you put your wallet? What all fits in a Blake? Will a bottle of water fit? A book? Does anyone have a picture of a Blake being held, modeled? I'd love to see how it looks on a real girl. What do you love and what do you dislike about the Blake (nothing, I'm guessing)? TIA:heart:
  2. Thank you! Those pics are great.
  3. ^ So are you getting one?!?!??!!? Blake is my fav MJ style...second to the mp.....The best thing about the blake is that out of ALL my handbags..this one keeps my the most organized....Just love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yes! Do get one! I LOVE the Blake!
  5. The Blake is my favorite of all the MJ styles. It's timeless and can't go wrong! Now the question is....quilted or soft calf? ;)
  6. But you should think about the large MP it rocks!!:back2topic: Blakes are nice, just heavy!!:rolleyes:
  7. I've narrowed it down to Blake and Elise. I'm hoping to find one (both) on eBay. I'm not sure what color I want. I thought I wanted black, but then I see spearmint...and I really love it. Trust me, when I buy one you all will be the first to know! :p
  8. You are the reason why I'm falling for the Blake! Your family picture is awesome. Do you have that hanging over your mantle?:drool: I'm going to start with soft calf, because I also love the quilted Stam.
  9. MP is #3 or #4 on my wish list!;)
  10. I'm glad I was able to spread the Blake love! lol You are going to love the soft feels amazing! That's why I'm looking to get one in every color! :p

    And no, there's no pic on the mantle. Now if I was single with my own place.... :yes: