Blake Petrol??

  1. Hello ladies,

    Where can I find a blake in petrol?? First and foremost, is the blake available in that color?

    Thanks for all your help!!!
  2. Shoot!!! I just read soemthing about this a while back....Thithi will know...hang on girl!!!
  3. I'm pretty sure it does come in Petrol. Nordstrom told me they were getting some in about a month ago so you might want to give them a call. If you decide to get it please post pictures so we can drool!! :smile:
  4. yes, the blake is available in petrol. i haven't seen it anywhere online. i thought it was at shoptwigs, but all i see is the petrol small mp. try calling the mj boutiques. i know they have it for sure. i was just speaking to gabby in the soho store about it a few weeks ago. hth!
  5. I think they had it but sold out. They still have the pictures though:


    :girlsigh: ...It's so pretty.
  6. Thank you ladies. It is so beautiful!!! Now here comes another dilemma --- I have decided that both the colors bordeaux and petrol look much better in the blake than the mp...sooooo

    Petrol Blake or Bordeaux Blake??? I am THINKING of getting one for my bday, which is in a month. I hope they are still available by then!
  7. Oh wow...that petrol look so good. I have a quilted MP in petrol and the color looks nothing like that!
  8. tough choice! i love both colors, but since my favorite color is red, i am more predisposed towards the bordeaux. have you seen melly's pics of the bordeaux blake? it's beautiful!
  9. Yup. Very tough choice I love both colors. But red is also my favorite color, so I'd choose bordeaux too.
  10. Beautiful colors both of them. I lean towards red/purples/pinks.....which
    is odd because in clothing I tend towards blues a lot,
    so I would pick bordeaux but it totally depends on what you love.
  11. tadpolenyc, LadyRacerTRD --- yes, I saw Melly's bordeaux blake and it is beautiful. I also saw a bordeaux blake in person, but not a petrol blake. It's such a tough choice...too bad I cannot buy both!!!
  12. I know Gabby too! She sold me my first MJ bag, a Julianne which I have since sold!! She loves Blakes and tried to sell me one , I just did not realize how fantastic they are then!!:yahoo::p:tup:Petrol is divine so is Bordeaux:heart:
  13. Both colors are fab. It's a tough decision and I think it really depends on which color you'd use more often. You need to ask yourself how would either color work into your wardrobe and collection? Personally, I love red bags and find that they go with most of my outfits. On the other hand, I have so many red bags that I need some blue to add some color to my collection.
  14. the petrol is gorgeous. ive never seen it in real life though. i am absolutely head over heels for the bordeaux blake. go for it...and dont forget to post pictures!
  15. You now have me on the hunt for a Blake in some shade of red!! I would love the bordeaux with gold hdw, but my husband would divorce me if I bought another MJ bag! I only have 2!!!:graucho::rolleyes: