Blake owners - a big favor

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  1. Can you please take some pics of your bag and post them - I just need a few detailed pics if you could for my case.

    I need the following:
    1) the underside of the handles
    2) inner name plate
    3) the front - pockets/hardware.
    (whatever else you can provide)

    Thank you so much!!!!
    I am never buying from eBay again - this experience has been horrible for me.
    I have other MJ bags (an indigo, black and washed rose)
    that I have taken pictures of and the differences are extreme!
    I just want more Blake pictures to have and use if I need to.

    thank you
  2. What did she say by the way? Is she refusing to refund you or what? :s
  3. if i owned a BLAKE, i'd help yah out. all i can offer, im affraid, is my condolances and hugs!
  4. Kooba--What's the update on the eBay dilemma!? :heart: Emmy
  5. omg!! tHANK YOU So much!! I really appreciate you doing this - this color is perfect b/c on the back of the handles - it's the same color - and the back of my handles is a messy BLACK color.

    I have snapped some new pics - and they are SO good in showing the differences - I put things like the buckles and the zippers side-by-side w/ the fake to show that it looks good but is NOT authentic and accurate.
    You can really show it when you put it side by side.

    This is so frustrating - but I am working very hard putting everything together so I have everything accessible and ready to go.

    Basically, the seller never addressed any of my questions - she never told me how the bag was authentic, where she bought it, etc. She brings up other claims, which are all untrue and made up, regarding me claiming i never received it and made statements I didn't like it. It's so frustrating - I really think from her emails - it sounds like she is immature or a very young girl who is not aware of the size of the mistake she made. She also told me the bag is used now - which it is not. It's hard dealing with a 12 year old (it seems). Yesterday I took many clear pictures of my bag and will foward them for authentication.

    I am definitely going to get some grays from this. She refuses to make right what she did wrong. It's frustrating, but I know my case is strong.
    Look for my posts, I will continue to let you know what's going on.

    thanks for those pics!!!
  6. ^ I hope you are saving all those emails! Print them out too, this is valuable evidence!
  7. I agree with thithi make sure you record everything! I hope this works out for you *hugs*