Blake or Venetia

  1. If you had to pick...which style do you prefer? Also can the venetia be worn over the shoulder? I know that the blake can but I wasn't sure if the venetia could be
  2. I prefer blake as i dont like the strap in the middle of Venetia. I think it is a little tight on shoulder as compare to blake, and you cant wear her on shoulder on a thick coat/jacket. get a blake! :heart:
  3. i have a venetia so i'm bias! i love it!! i thought the strap would bother me but it really doesn't!!

    i don't have a blake but i've heard nothing but good things, so i don't think you can go wrong either way!
  4. Good question. I have both, in fact, I have several Venetia's. I fell in love with that bag when Marc Jacobs first introduced it, so, eventually, I purchased one.....which led to more. I also have a pink Blake. Both bags are great. The positive aspect of the Blake is that it is more compartmentalized, 2 zippered compartments and one open one in the middle, in addition to the pockets outside, and definitely a shoulder bag. The Venetia is more hand held. I feel the Venetia is a MJ classic, probably his most well-known style, along with the Stella. So......the choice is yours, you can't go wrong with either.:smile:
  5. I agree, you really can't go wrong with either. Most people can fit a Venetia on the shoulder, but not with a coat on. There are pros and cons for both.. I guess it really depends on personal taste. Blakes are heavier than the Venetia, and not as roomy because of the compartments. Most people leave the strap undone on the Venetia so it's not really bothersome.
  6. I've had both but I sold my Blake recently. For some reason, I didn't like that style as much. My Venetia is definitely my favorite and I would love to buy more of that style. The middle strap doesn't bother me; I leave it undone while I use it just like thithi said. But truly you can't go wrong with either bag! They're both true MJ classics.
  7. Venetia.. I love mine!
  8. Blake
  9. I vote Blake.
  10. i love the venetia!
  11. I have two Blakes and no Venetias. I think you know my preference.:tup::p
  12. Hi..I have four venetias and one blake. I love both but never carry my blake. It holds a lot less than it looks and I usually have lots of stuff I tote around. I don't like the bulgie look if they are over stuffed. The drawback of the venetia is the tight fit on the shoulders but it works in a pinch. Good luck...mags
  13. Definitely the blake. I like the look of the Venetia, but I'm not a hand-held type of gal.
  14. I love the Blake.
  15. I would have to vote for the Blake!