blake or jen satchel

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  1. Both fit my criteria of zippered top and metal feet. I really like the simplicity of jen satchel but I have a weakness for pushlocks. Any comments? And no, I cannot get both :P
  2. What color are you considering?
  3. I prefer Blake as it is smaller compared to jen, and love the fact that it has separated compartments to keep my things more organized.
  4. I vote Blake :yes: The push-locks do it for me too ;) aside from the room and the fact that can be hand-held or carried over the shoulder.
  5. Love my Jen so I vot Jen
  6. they are both great bags..I had the blake. It's a beautiful bag and I loved the 3 compartments..
    My sister in law has the Jen and I love it too..
    Personally I think I like the look of Jen better but the functionality of the blake ( 3 compartments )
  7. i vote Blake, very classy looking and i love pushlocks too :P
  8. blake! i never really liked the jen much.
  9. The Blake for sure...especially if it's luscious calf leather with suede lining! Oy!
  10. I vote blake, I don't really like jen...
  11. I like the Jen.
    The Blake is a beautiful classic, but can get a little bit heavy, compared to the Jen which is very lightweight. There's also the 3 compartments of the Blake, which I always find difficult with handbags - the Jen has one large interior section so you can fit more inside and probably carry things easier
  12. I would say Blake. I think it carries through one's lifestyle so perfectly well, and it adds that "extra something" to any outfit. But I tend to wear simple, tailored clothing that needs that extra oomph from accessories. If your style speaks for itself, maybe the Jen will be a more versatile bag for your look.
  13. I love's a classic...but, it's heavy!
  14. Blake! I don't like the royal palais leather....
  15. If you like to be organised, I would recommend the Blake