Blake newbie - help - gold silver colour and to quilt or not to quilt

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  1. Hi everyone

    I'm the newest Blake addict. Would love your opinions. I'm thinking of a black Blake and need to decide gold or silver hardware.

    I've never bought a 'status' bag like this before so need to stay practical - is black the right choice?

    Quilt - for old or young?

    Can't wait to hear from you all!
  2. I prefer no quilting.

    Black is always a nice safe choice but I think for a high end bag its better to get a color that will stand out rather than blend in.

    I don't have a preference on gold or silver hardward, depends on the bag color.

    Hope that helps :P
  3. Guess I'm not as daring as Virgo and like the idea of black if you're only getting one. I had a yellow that I love LOVED even more but sold because it wasn't getting much use. No quilting for me. And hardware maybe depends on what jewelry color you tend to wear?
  4. I have a black quilted Blake and I love, love, love it! The hardware on mine is gold but it's not the really yellowy shiny gold. I like the 3 compartments concept:smile: Wrt quilting vs plain, it depends.. The Blake is a very versatile bag that can be used everyday. I do find that the quilting makes it somewhat less casual so you could go to nice dinners/nite functions with it and it wouldn't be out of place. Having said that, I also team it with jeans and it goes as well:smile:
  5. If you like a Black Blake, go for it. A lot of members love theirs.

    I have only seen Black-on-White-stiching Blake (non-quilted) with gold hardware (this season). Ideal hardware color? I think it's dependent on the bag color. My favorite color for Blake is White (very impractical though), but I didn't like its Brown stiching; I'm unable to find Linen Blake (older season) which seemed to not have contrast stiching.

    I have never seen a quilted Blake.
  6. Thanks everyone - I bought the black Blake with gold today. Gorgeous! All your input was helpful.
  7. Congrats! (Saw your post in the other thread before this one, hehe). Enjoy! It's beautiful yet functional;)
  8. SHC: Congrats. =)
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