Blake Lovers - How do you deal with the bag's heaviness?

  1. Blake Lovers,

    I received my black Blake today. And I think it's lovely. It feels and smells amazing. My only problem is that I've taken it for a stroll around my apartment and I've realized how heavy it is!!

    How do you reconcile the heaviness with the love you all have for it?

    I would love to hear your thoughts...your input will help me decide whether to keep it or return it to NM.
  2. I came up with a way to handle the heaviness: I sold it on eBay!
    I absolutely think it is one of the prettiest MJ bag styles, but when I got mine, I couldn't deal with the heaviness. The double rolled handles dug into my shoulder after a while of wearing it. I know I am in the minority here, because it is a very popular bag.
  3. I know what you mean. It can get really heavy after awhile. I just love the look of the bag wayyy too much to let it go. I just rotate on the shoulder, arm, other shoulder, other arm.. LOL. A lot of work but it's worth it. But usually when I know I'll be gone for a long period of time, I'll take something lighter. I have the white quilted chiffon and would never part with it.
  4. Ladies I carried it out tonight for a test run. Went out for cocktails, which involved a lot of standing while conversating. And surprisingly, the bag did GREAT!!! It felt great on my arm!!! I'm keeping her!

    I will just juggle her from arm to arm like you do, flungflung83!

  5. That's exactly what I do....if you swap arms it's not bad at all! And sometimes I ice down my shoulder at night and use some Bengay.:lol:
  6. Glad you love your Blake!!! Looks like you have come up with a resolution as well! Congrats! :tup:
  7. ^That's what I do....just rotate it from arm to's soooooo lovely..I deal with it lol!!!
  8. Even after reading about it's heaviness - it surprised me a little!!
    Just got a black Blake today - once my stuff is in it - boy it is heavy!
    BUT it's SO functional! My cell fits in the pushlock pocket & my work id in the other(these won't fit in my small mp pockets) The open middle section is SO convenient & the bag really is just gorgeous. I will do what you girls do & rotate arms. Surprisingly the 2 straps have actually stayed well on my shoulder! I'm going to carry it to work tomorrow - that will be the test. I do a lot of walking with my purse during the course of a work day.
  9. Once you use the bag for a while, you'll get used to the heaviness and not notice it anymore. At least I don't!
  10. I'm glad you're keeping it. Blake is a very lovely bag. Work the arms, build some muscle and the weight won't ever be an issue. :tup:
  11. How do I deal with the heaviness?

    I gaze lovingly at my bag and all the discomfort melts away....
  12. Well after carrying the blake around all day I still LOVE it! Honestly on my shoulder it doesn't feel heavy. It does when I pick it up in my hand but not on my shoulder so yay!
  13. I totally have to rotate shoulders, or it ends up in the crook of my elbow!
  14. beautiful HEAVY bag!!
  15. Do some curls with it and you won't need a gym membership ;)