Blake Lively's Necklace!

  1. This photo of Blake Lively was posted on the 'Celebs with Chanel' thread and I just adore her necklace! Anyone know anything about it? Is it in the new collection? Is it more than one necklace? Would I EVER be able to afford it? :lol: I love her entire look here. :heart:

  2. I saw a close-up of her outfit somewhere and I think she's wearing the classic length pearls with another double strand.
  3. i noticed this photo in the reference library too and just want to say that i absolutely LOVE her outfit! and the necklace of course
  4. she looks like she's wearing the classic pearls that's a longer strand and not graduated. the longer length ones have 3 "CC"s on it and can easily be doubled up, i remember seeing those in paris last year. :yes: the pearls on her necklace don't seem to be of varying sizes to me.. but maybe i'm just blind!
  5. It looks like she might be wearing multiples. This looks like the 2007 design, but when I was last in the store, they still had it. It was less than $1,000, but I can't remember exactly how much it was.
  6. I don't know the name but her pearls are beautiful. I also saw a similar necklace in the Nordstrom lookbook. Did you see those as well? They were gorgeous. :drool:
  7. she looks adorable!
  8. i love this necklace
    does anyone know if its still available in boutiques?
    i saw it last time when i was in nyc but i was too much of in a rush ...

    TIA :p
  9. she looks so gorgeous here, love her whole outfit!
  10. Stunning outfit- always nice to see a celebrity under the age of 50 actually covered up :p
  11. It looks similar to mine. I have the single strand and the double strand. The single strand was approx. $795 and the double strand was approx. $1150. I think that there are a few still around, a friend of mine just got one a couple of months ago.
  12. I noticed too, love her everything whether it's her outfit, accessories, etc!

    It seems double strand to me instead of single one.
  13. can anyone share the style # of the double strand?