Blake Lively's Nail polish

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  1. Im obsessed with the nail polish that she is wearing. I looked online and have read in some places that it is Zoya Carey, and in other articles that it is a color from Chanel's Sky Line.

    Can anyone confirm which one it is? And if it is chanel , are there any cheaper dupes?
    blake lively ring:nail polish.jpg blake lively nail polish.jpg
  2. Revlon Timeless? It looks similar on me - to me - in the first picture; but it's not as blue as the second one. The first looks more like a grey-blue though on my monitor while the second picture is more lavender.
  3. I think it is Sky Line.
  4. I don't think what she's wearing has any metallic/shimmer so I don't think it's skyline
  5. Perhaps Essie Cocktail Bling?
  6. Maybe OPI Periwinkle?
  7. Definitely not Chanel Sky Line; that has lots of shimmer in it and Blake's polish is creme finish.
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    It is Zoya Carey. I think I read that on the Zoya blog.
  9. The Zoya looks more grey and hers looks kind of periwinkle.
  10. I agree, but the Zoya color is a mix of grey and blue. I don't know, but that's what Zoya's blog says. I doubt they would give incorrect information. It defenitely doesn't look like Chanel Skyline. You also have to remember that there is very strong lighting on her as well as the flash from the camera, so it may not be showing true to life. The first photo kind of makes it appear as a grey/blue.

    This post should probably be the Beauty Bar, Nail subforum. We were talking about this exact picture there and determined that it is Zoya Carey.
  11. Thank you!!