Blake Lively Style Thread

  1. I love that blue Chanel, but I agree it isn't right for the outfit.
  2. Oh-my-god that Chanel!!!!!
  3. Those black flats are ugly and I agree, the Chanel doesn't look right with that outfit. Her candid style is bland and borders on unflattering. The average woman in a city dresses better than her but her event style is nice
  4. She is so gorgeous!! I saw Savages a couple of week ago - she looks so good in that movie.
  5. that blue is so pure you could drink it
  6. I like the simple outfit with statement bag! Those flats are pretty ugly but I like everything else!
  7. Heading to the Gossip Girl set yesterday.

  8. Arriving on Friday (August 31) in Venice, Italy.

  9. At the Gucci Premiere Fragrance Launch at Hotel Cipriani on Saturday (September 1) in Venice, Italy.

  10. Heading to Marco Polo Airport on Sunday (September 2) in Venice, Italy.

  11. She looks fabulous. My gosh, her legs!
  12. not lovin the blue Chanel. And I never thought she was pretty tbh. Kinda average at best. Just great hair and body.
  13. Cute
  14. Love her! The red dress suits her beautifully!
  15. bump