Blake Lively......Gossip Girl

  1. Okay, so I hope this wasn't already posted I haven't been on in a while.....all I can say is this show, and this special edityion blake carried in the first episode are amazing....all hale S and B!
  2. Oh great pic ! thanks for sharing.....but i think you can put this post on celebrities carrying LV.
  3. Oh, nice find!

    She looks great! Love the bag!
  4. wow, good catch! i've watched all three episodes so far, and completely missed this from the very first scene. i actually like gossip girl too *hides*, i know the show isn't getting a lot of favorable ratings. i hope that turns around soon, i don't want the show cancelled.
  5. I love that show!!
  6. nice! i definitely did not notice that.
  7. OH cool.
  8. Thanks for sharing!
  9. I'm totally in love with it... :drool:
  10. Loves the show, although I feel a little old to be watching *blush*. Totally did not notice the bag!
  11. Looks totally fake to me... :hrmm:
  12. the show is on at the wrong time! i have school when it is on =( i badly want to watch it! maybe i'll get the dvd when the seaon is done.
  13. Me too, Go to google and type in Gossip girl episode 1 and it'll come up with little youtube clips, they're about 10 minutes each but it's there hehe thats how i found it. :okay:
  14. me too.... could anyone enlighten me as to what style this is? :confused1:
  15. i think it's fake. but i still love gossip girls haha