Blake Lively Bag

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  1. Can anyone ID this bag that Blake Lively is carrying on the set of Gossip Girl? The purple color is amazing!!

  2. that is GORGEOUS
    dont know about the designer, sorry :sad:
  3. No idea sorry but that bag is GORGEOUS!!
  4. omg that color is AMAZING... but idk bout the designer. sry. good luck finding it though!
  5. Oh, i hope someone knows, this bag would b perfect for school
  6. I saw these photos today and was curious. I want to know who as well.
  7. that's an amazing purple bag!!
  8. I'd like to know too - its cute
  9. See the link above:smile:
  10. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart:
  11. LOVE THIS ONE!!!!!! I was wondering too!
  12. Nice work ladies!!! The bag is really cute and has a nice size. I like the purple and the cream...