Blake Lively and... what bag?

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  1. Anyone?

    Attached Files:

  2. Ysl?
  3. Or Lanvin?
  4. Mj?
  5. It's Celine. 100% sure
  6. Ohhh, that's really cute. Love it.
  7. Its lovely, I like Blakes one. I wouldnt pay that for the shiny red one. Thanks caarlyntryl
  8. Anyone know where to get one in the color she is carrying?
  9. Thanks, however it is sold out.
  10. its not sold out here in UK. Not sure if you could order from UK Net a Porter.
  11. Thank you! Not sure either, but I'll give it a try!
  12. A lot of the designers restock items after they appear on Gossip Girl due to high demand. I seen a lot designers re-release their items after appearing on there. Maybe net-a-porter will restock it.