Blake in Coca on sale?

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  1. Hi! I am new around here, and have been just initiated into the Marc Jacobs world. Just recently I bought my first MJ-the Venetia in berry-I just love that color. Now I know what people are talking about when they say they can't get enough of Marc Jacobs! I am looking to purchase a second bag, and the bag on the top of my wish list is the Blake in the new Cocoa color-the color combination of the leather, the suede and the stitching is just gorgeous. I have seen it on the Neiman Marcus website for $995, but I would like to get it for a bit cheaper if possible. Has anyone come across the said Blake in Cocoa when they went shopping? Please give me some idea of the prices that are possible out there. Are they having any sales recently? Or would it be that as cocoa is a new color, that that particular Blake would not be going on sale for a while? Please let me know. Thank you very much!
  2. I have also just seen the large black multi-pocket handbag with gold hardware-the combination is just so gorgeous! I love the lining too! Now I want both of them :girlsigh: The gold hardware is gorgeous on the blake too :love:
  3. :yahoo: We all know the feeling!!! Yes we want it all!! And I love your choices! I have a blake and a small multi pocket..I would love the large as well!! Hopefully someone here will see what you want while shopping!! Good luck and take picks when you purchase!! :heart: Emmy
  4. Thank you! I personally wasn't too big of a fan of contrast stitching on the previous black MJ handbags, but the new black multipocket is stitched with black stitching and looks so stunning! It's amazing! I definitely hope I will be able to get these bags soon! I have a Fendi and a Prada, but Marc Jacobs handbags are just so addicting!
  5. Cocoa is one of this season's colors, it is still full price now. Your best bet is to wait for special promotional events from major retailers such as Bloomingdale's and Saks who often give 20% off MJ bags during their Friends & Family Event, Private Sale, etc. Some stores give some percentage off (10-15%) on your 1st day of purchase if you open a charge account with them. recently gave 25% off all MJ bags being sold at their store, Cocoa Blake/Multipocket were included.
  6. Longmybags, I have seen several styles in Cocoa & Black-on-black at many department stores ( Nordstrom, NM, Saks, Bloomingdale's) and Marc Jacobs boutique in LA.
  7. Really? I would have to check out the styles available if I get a chance to go down to LA! :love: Thank you for all the info! I will keep checking on those websites for their sales :biggrin: