**Blake in Brick Red**

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  1. Available in MJ NY @ Mercer St. This is the last one and the price $975. Ask for Tony.
  2. If it was on sale :crybaby: Too much for me too spend now.
  3. Oh Shoot..I thought I just read here a few days ago that this was someone's holy grail bag..I wish I could remember..Thanx for posting!!! Hopefully they'll see it!! :p
  4. ^ Emmy, I the fellow PF'er has gone on to buy a Brick MP instead. :p
  5. Ooh, I think this is hard to find. The Blake is gorgeous in the brick red. I won't pay full price for it, though.
  6. Ohh I want IT, why oh why don't I ever find anything nice in the UK - I know they ship but just too expensive....:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  7. ^yup I hear ya!!!
  8. I'm glad a fellow Pfer got it. Actually, my friend was inquiring about a red blake and that was the only one they had left, but she turned it down b/c the color was too dark for her.
  9. Now THAT is on my list of bags to have...I always thought that color/silver hw was SMART!!! Lucky girl!!! Where did you find that!?
  10. ^ Emmy, it wasn't me. It's fellow member aarti and I happen to know because I'd been reading threads on red bags and MP. :p